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  1. Apple Company AnalysisSubject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 609

    Apple Company is one of the biggest manufacturers of personal computers of various kinds, media devices, music players and related software, digital content and applications.

  2. Apple Company Marketing StrategiesSubject: Strategic Marketing Study level: College Words: 1121

    The Apple Inc. is an Information Technology Company (ICT) that manufactures and distributes computers, mobile phones, and wearable devices among other products.

  3. B2B Marketing: Apple and Samsung’s Symbiotic RelationshipSubject: Strategic Marketing Study level: College Words: 1349

    Apple and Samsung offer a perfect example of a partnership between huge competitors for the sake of maximizing profits.

  4. Kids iPad Product' Marketing PlanSubject: Product Marketing Study level: College Words: 908

    Apple strives to ensure that all children use an iPad in their activities. This marketing plan will provide a strategy that Apple will use to ensure that it markets its products to kids.

  5. Product Marketing Plan: Apple’s Iphone 5Subject: Product Marketing Study level: College Words: 871

    The iPhone product will have to overcome the challenges posed by changes in the market conditions where the same will impact on its promotional strategies and product mix approaches.

  6. SonoSite, Apple and Unilever Companies: Strategic ManagementSubject: Strategic Management Study level: College Words: 1711

    This paper will analyze the three cases about SonoSite, Apple, and Unilever in order to determine some of the challenges they faced when coming up with new products in the market.

  7. Apple Company's Market Entry: Marketing PlanSubject: Marketing Project Study level: College Words: 1920

    This report examines Apple’s current market strategies to determine how Apple can overcome challenges and utilize opportunities in new markets.

  8. Apple’s iPad Product: Marketing AnalysisSubject: Product Marketing Study level: College Words: 1927

    This paper analyzes iPad: the marketing environment of the product, a SWOT analysis, an overview of the Apple Company in general and its products on the market.

  9. Apple Company's Marketing StrategySubject: Strategic Marketing Study level: College Words: 1149

    Apple is a renowned organization, which is involved in the development of technological devices and offering services related to information technology.

  10. Apple Company's Employees Management IssuesSubject: Company Information Study level: College Words: 837

    The paper traces peculiarities of the Apple company’s attitude towards employees to understand whether the company can be seen as really exemplary.

  11. Apple's Management and Leadership DevelopmentSubject: Leadership Styles Study level: College Words: 861

    This paper presents the role of leadership and manager in the Apple organization. Besides, the treatise presents the uniqueness of leadership and management.

  12. Apple TV and Monopolistic CompetitionSubject: Product Marketing Study level: College Words: 1697

    Apple TV is not new in the competitive electronics industry. However, Apple TV interlinks different gadgets providing them with internet connectivity.

  13. Apple Corporation's Economic Analysis ProjectSubject: Financial Management Study level: College Words: 1538

    This report presents an economic analysis project for Apple Corporation by studying the elasticity of the company's primary products, which are phones, computers, and music.

  14. Apple Company’s Branding Strategy in ChinaSubject: Branding Study level: College Words: 11426

    Apple has been known as a successful organization, which has been performing well in the global economy environment and that has been represented in a variety of markets.

  15. Apple Inc.'s Legal and Ethical ChallengesSubject: Business Critique Study level: College Words: 346

    Apple is not able to work efficiently with other companies. It is vital for such a giant company to imply ideas of other organizations in its work. Apple is not able to do this.

  16. Apple Inc's Product Management and SWOT AnalysisSubject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 1413

    Apple Inc. is one of the leading electronic firms in the world that has experienced a massive success over the past one decade.

  17. Apple Inc Product Portfolio AnalysisSubject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 1161

    Apple requires devising new strategies to deal with the consumer perception of Jobs innovativeness by investing in the research and development to compete effectively.

  18. Apple Inc.'s Markets, Industry, Major CompetitorsSubject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 869

    Apple has managed to create many unique and popular products to serve diverse markets. Apple has managed to outdo most of its competitors in a very competitive industry.

  19. Apple Company’s Strategy in ChinaSubject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 1138

    Apple Inc. is one of the market leaders that operates internationally in different countries including China. It is important to discuss the corporate strategy of the company.

  20. Apple Inc.'s Products, Challenges and Future TrendsSubject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 2884

    While the iPhone and the Apple TV are viewed to be a major innovative milestone for the company, the new products present several challenges to the company’s strategy

  21. Apple Company Mobile TechnologiesSubject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 499

    Apple Company uses mobile technology to develop products such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and online music sharing for customers.

  22. Apple Company's Marketing StrategySubject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 2177

    Apple Inc has perfectly been able to develop a marketing strategy that has revolutionized the mobile market and computer industry.

  23. Apple and Microsoft Companies Organisation StrategiesSubject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 2799

    The paper will be assessing the similarities and differences of Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corporation's strategies in terms of macro-environment, management structure, and financial issues.

  24. Apple Company Marketing StrategySubject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 600

    Apple is undoubtedly one of the strongest brands in the world today. Its reputation as an innovative technology company is unmatched.

  25. The Apple Company Principles and PracticeSubject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 1147

    The Apple Company has taken advantage of the favourable US economic condition to expand its market niche. It has successfully incorporated online activities within its operations.

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  1. Apple Inc. Company Business AnalysisSubject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 839

    This paper discusses in details the background of Apple Inc., its current marketing situation, purpose and mission, product lines and its current financial standing.

  2. Apple Company Strategic Management and CompetitivenessSubject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 1387

    The paper studies how globalization and technological changes have impacted Apple company, and how the vision and mission statements influence its overall success.

  3. Apple and Samsung Companies Strengths and WeaknessesSubject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 663

    Apple and Samsung are well-known companies that specialize in a host of activities in electronics and mobile phones. The task of this paper is to critically analyze of the two companies.

  4. Mobile Phone Industry: Apple, Samsung and BlackberrySubject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 813

    In the article, a PESTEL analysis of the three companies has been carried out to indicate their external environments, their customer base, and their market positions. The paper disscuses phone industry.

  5. Apple Inc.'s Analysis and Recommendations for 2013Subject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 2856

    The Apple company should consider expanding its franchising program into the developing countries since people in the respective countries have adopted the technology.

  6. Apple Company's Operation Management and Business GoalsSubject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 1115

    This paper examines the operations management of Apple where managers concentrate on the creation of value for customers and decreasing the costs of production.

  7. Apple INC Business EnvironmentSubject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 2263

    This work examines Apple Inc.'s missions, goals, strategic objectives, and discusses issues related to the business and cultural environment of the company.

  8. Apple Company’s Performance EvaluationSubject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 2226

    This report presents a detailed analysis of the performance of Apple. The analysis focused on the company’s market share, business strategy, and financial performance.

  9. Inventory Management in American CompaniesSubject: Management Study level: College Words: 1667

    The paper analyzes inventory management in Apple Inc., General Motors, American Airlines, and Hilton Hotels, and its role in the success of the companies.

  10. Apple Inc.'s Successful Marketing StrategySubject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 1149

    This research will look at how Apple Inc. has managed to use its marketing strategy to enhance profitability and achieve its goals.

  11. Apple’s Inc. Quality Management ToolsSubject: Management Study level: College Words: 1976

    The main aim of this paper is to discuss how Apple Inc. implements some of the quality management tools and techniques.

  12. Apple Inc.'s SWOT, Marketing, Control, FinancesSubject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 1490

    Apple’s mission statement drives towards improving the safety and health of workers as well as customers by producing products that are friendly to the environment.

  13. Apple and iPhone in the United Kingdom's MarketSubject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 2476

    The paper analyzes Apple in the UK market, its internal and external environment, presents SWOT analysis, objectives, strategies, tactics of the marketing mix.

  14. Apple Inc.'s Strategy, Business Model, and FutureSubject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 872

    This paper explores the elements of Apple's strategy, the company's business model, the competition in the PC industry, the company's competitive position and its future.

  15. Apple Company: International Business ProposalSubject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 1129

    This analytical treatise attempts to present a mixture of the global standardization and localization strategies as ideal in the current business situation of the Apple Company.

  16. Apple Company's Future Products and GovernanceSubject: Company Analysis Study level: Master Words: 1380

    Apple Inc. is an American electronics company that specializes in designing and selling of consumer electronics like computers, computer software, music players, and mobile phones.

  17. Emotional Intelligence in Apple IncorporationSubject: Employee Management Study level: Master Words: 831

    This paper discusses the importance of emotional intelligence and the ways to promote it in a particular organization on the example of Apple Incorporation.

  18. Apple’s Supply Chain Strategy, Its Success and RisksSubject: Company Analysis Study level: Master Words: 1119

    The Apple Company manages its supply chain through proper inventory management, creating positive supplier relationships, and efficient storage and distribution processes.

  19. Apple Company: Advantage in the Computer IndustrySubject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 1369

    This work analyzes the competitive advantage forces of Apple's computer industry, such as the threat of new entrants and buyers' bargaining power in the framework of Porter's model.

  20. Apple's PESTEL, SWOT, Five Forces, VRIO AnalysesSubject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 1208

    This paper evaluates the company Apple Inc. using PESTEL, SWOT, Five Forces, and VRIO analyses and also evaluates the firm performance.

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  1. Apple Company ViabilitySubject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 1910

    The Tech Shield reviews the potential of the Apple Company to sustain the investment through an analysis: financial overview, current market situation, and business strategies.

  2. Apple Inc: Computer Industry's AdvantagesSubject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 1388

    While the corporation still provides high-quality support to its PC customers, Apple Inc. has found its niche in the modern market by taking over the mobile industry.

  3. Apple Company's Innovation Process StagesSubject: Company Analysis Study level: Master Words: 834

    The Apple Company engages in designing, manufacturing and marketing mobile phones and other media services, portable digital music players and personal computers.

  4. Apple Inc.'s Operations Plan and Quality ControlSubject: Company Analysis Study level: Bachelor Words: 830

    The paper reviews the structure of operations and quality control at the Apple Inc Company, its supply chain, value chain, and controls, and provides a PDSA Cycle analysis.

  5. Apple in IT IndustrySubject: Marketing Study level: College Words: 896

    Today, Apple is a leader in the IT industry, and its strengths include knowledge, HR, relationships, selling, and history.

  6. Steve Jobs’s Leadership Character and StyleSubject: Leadership Styles Study level: Master Words: 1071

    Steve Jobs was one of the best business leaders. He had good interpersonal relations with other people and he upheld simplicity as a virtue.

  7. Innovation Strategy: Apple IncorporatedSubject: Marketing Study level: Master Words: 1181

    Apple Incorporated remains one of the most profitable companies in the world. It innovates, designs, and markets superior products to its customers.

  8. Apple Inc.: Strategic Human ResourceSubject: Strategic Management Study level: College Words: 1099

    Apple Incorporated is a multinational business that specializes in the production and sale of software and electronic goods

  9. ITunes: Business CaseSubject: Case Studies Study level: PhD Words: 2419

    iTunes was a service launched in April 28, 2003 by the Apple computers company. It was an online music store which allowed customers to buy digital music at a lower price.

  10. Apple Inc.'s Plans and Ideas for the FutureSubject: Strategy Study level: PhD Words: 2316

    While most of the ideas for the future of Apple remain speculative, the company will have to change its current business strategy to remain at the top of the game.

  11. Samsung vs. Apple in the US Smartphone MarketSubject: Industry Study level: PhD Words: 2207

    This paper examines the factors that make emerging companies take over markets that were previously dominated by more established competitors.

  12. Apple INC.: Strategic Financial ManagementSubject: Financial Management Study level: PhD Words: 3273

    Cash flow, balance sheet and income statement of Apple demonstrate that sales income of this company is increasing gradually.

  13. Apple Inc.'s Life Cycle Management AnalysisSubject: Company Analysis Study level: College Words: 928

    Apple Inc. is a multinational corporation based in America and deals in designing and marketing electronics, mainly computer software and personal computers.

  14. Apple Business Strategy AnalysisSubject: Strategy Study level: PhD Words: 1709

    Apple has established a special program that involves giving awards to the ones whose activity helps to improve performance of the company.

  15. Project Management Office Analysis: Apple Inc CaseSubject: Company Analysis Study level: PhD Words: 2880

    According to the firm’s recent reports, Apple Inc has experienced consistent growth in its sales from September 2011 to September 2013.

  16. Apple Incorporation: Corporate RenewalSubject: Organizational Management Study level: PhD Words: 3549

    Corporate renewal has become one of the most important strategies that organizations are incorporating in an effort to attain sufficient competitiveness.

  17. Leadership Strategies: Apple Inc.Subject: Leadership Styles Study level: PhD Words: 2815

    By aligning creativity and leadership, facilitating internal communication, and promoting ethics along with diversity, Apple’s leaders are likely to achieve great results.

  18. Apple Company's Aesthetics MarketingSubject: Marketing Study level: College Words: 575

    Apple has adopted a unique and provocative way of marketing its aesthetics. It is for this reason that the company is at the forefront in bringing the future to the present.

  19. Apple Corporation: Tax PlanningSubject: Economics Study level: Master Words: 14860

    The thesis evaluated tax planning methods, concepts, and approaches. The research focused on the Apple tax planning practice and operations.

  20. Psychology of Student Consumer of Apple Products in the UKSubject: Product Marketing Study level: Undergraduate Words: 4843

    The study investigates student consumer psychology of Apple products in the UK and how student consumers considered Apple products among other strong brands in the UK.

  21. Apple Company's Organizational Behavior Management During the COVID-19 CrisisSubject: Company Analysis Study level: Master Words: 3405

    Organizational behavior management is especially important during a crisis such as COVID-19, and this paper will examine how Apple addresses this and other challenges.

  22. Apple Company’s Information Management System: Objectives, Advantages, and DisadvantagesSubject: Case Studies Study level: College Words: 1421

    Apple has developed its own Information Management Systems (IMS) to preserve, store, and gather data using the most secure techniques.

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  1. The Apple iPhone Contribution in Cloud Computing Subject: Tech & Engineering Study Level: Master Words: 2301

    Innovation is essential to counter the current wave of change. Most companies are working very hard to minimise the operation cost by outsourcing cloud services.

  2. Apple Strategic Management: Planning and Management Process Subject: Financial Management Study Level: Bachelor Words: 5021

    What is the role of Apple's strategic management? 🔥 Read our essay to find out more about strategic management plan, business strategy, treats, and solution!

  3. The Functions of Information Systems Within Apple INC. Subject: Business Words: 1381

    An information system is an interconnected set of tools, methods, and personnel used to store, process, and deliver information to achieve the management goal.

  4. How Does Apple Communicate with Their Employees? Apple Internal Communications Subject: Business Communication Study Level: Undergraduate Words: 2856

    Ever thought about how big corporations like Apple communicate with their employees? You are welcome to find this out here!

  5. Recruitment and Selection Methods in Apple Inc Subject: Management Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1100

    Management is a broad practice that entails the organization and harmonization of activities and practices in a firm especially in regard to the organization’s policies, plans, and objectives.

  6. Apple Inc. Under the New Executive Tim Cook Subject: Business Study Level: College Words: 641

    Apple Inc. has been holding one of the most significant portions of the IT market for years due to the innovative vision of its founder, Steve Jobs.

  7. Apple Company: Enterprise Risk Management Subject: Risk Management Study Level: Master Words: 3614

    Enterprise risk management has become a critical part of management as firms struggle to find ways of managing the challenges they face in their normal operations.

  8. Apple Inc.’s Activity in China vs. the United States Subject: Business Study Level: Undergraduate Words: 2921

    The purpose of the report is to explain how the macroeconomic environment in China and the United States affects the Apple company's economic activities.

  9. Apple Corporate Strategy & Business Strategies Subject: Business Strategy Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1684

    In the current business environment, competition continues to increase as firms become more global in their operations.

  10. Apple Communication Strategy: Apple IMC, Apple Direct Marketing, and Marketing Strategy Analysis Subject: Advertising Study Level: Master Words: 2844

    The report discusses the customer profile and target market for Apple Inc and the company’s brand positioning strategy.

  11. Apple Company’s Strategic Alternatives and Recommendations Subject: Business & Economics Words: 1376

    Apple’s attractive revenue offers it opportunity to conduct various activities like market research and new product invention without any stress.

  12. Apple Company’s Innovations and Marketing Mix Subject: Business Study Level: College Words: 667

    Apple Inc. is a leading and most valuable technology-based corporation, a trendsetter within a modern innovation market.

  13. Apple’s Target Market and Apple Marketing Strategy Subject: Marketing Strategy Study Level: Master Words: 1707

    Read this paper to discover how to make apple marketing strategy analysis in 2022. You will also find information about target market of apple.

  14. Apple Incorporation Strategic Management Subject: Business & Economics Words: 835

    The case study "Apple Inc., 2008" explains why the company requires new strategies and competencies in order to remain competitive in its industry.

  15. International HR Management: Apple Inc. Subject: Business Management Study Level: Bachelor Words: 2234

    International human resource management has become a necessary undertaking in many multinational corporations.

  16. Apple Training and Development for Employees Subject: Human Resource Management Study Level: Master Words: 2506

    This paper will help you to identify the actions Apple employee training and development includes. In relation to the Apple Incorporation, there is a very strong talent management strategy to provide employees’ growth and motivation to perform optimally.

  17. Apple Watch Target Market: Demographic Segmentation Subject: Business Study Level: College Words: 564

    This paper analyzes Apple Watch target market. It looks into the segmentation marketing strategy of Apple Watch, demographics of their audience, and age of their users.

  18. Apple External & Internal Analysis: Environment Analysis Subject: Company Analysis Study Level: Master Words: 2918

    Concerning mission Apple is dedicated to creating the best individual computing exposure to learners, teachers, innovative specialists and users worldwide through its creative software, hardware and internet-based applications.

  19. Apple Company’s SWOT Analysis Subject: Business Study Level: Undergraduate Words: 548

    Research comparing different brands in 2016 shows that Apple has an estimated value of 118.9 Billion dollars in brand equity, which takes position 1 among competing brands.

  20. Organizational Culture in The Apple Inc. Company Subject: Business & Economics Study Level: College Words: 865

    Organizational culture is the product of social invention and interaction that are influenced by values and traditions, attitudes, and national culture.