The Paslin Logistics Company’s Training Program

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In this research project, the proposal will dwell on the strategies that the Paslin Logistics Company uses in its bid to ensure optimal employee performance. The paper will offer the best strategies to ensure optimal performance of the employees. The research question is; what is the impact of effective employee training on employee performance at the Paslin Logistics Company.

From this research question, the hypothesis will be; effective employee training programs results is directly proportional to the level of employee performance at the Paslin Logistics Company. This research will assist the Paslin Logistics Company to implement effective employee management strategies that promote efficiency and sustainability of employee performance feedback.

It will be a compilation of the best human resource management strategy practices. The study will also provide recommendations on how the Paslin Logistics Company can effectively manage its employee performance to guarantee employee satisfaction.

Research background

The problem is the need to incorporate training and development as part of the human resource management policies of the Paslin Logistics Company. Currently, the human resource management department has policies that do not optimally reinforce training and development among the employees. As a result, the company loses its experienced employees to its competitors due to the lack of a successful training program.

Besides, the company does not have a very clear career path for the employees. In many jurisdictions, it is mandatory to have an independent training and development management function in an institution. Reflectively, design and skill development are the nerve center for the skilled and competent labor force. Unfortunately, there are scenarios where the human resource management department of the Paslin Logistics Company is not very efficient and therefore fails to take up key control issues in time.

There is no proper schedule for periodic and continuous employee training and development within the Praslin Logistics Company, which has a quantifiable module for tracking the feedback and level of engagement among the employees. As a result, it is almost impossible to monitor the performance of each employee against the set targets.

Besides, the lack of training and development may be attributed to low employee morale and redundancy at the organization. It is, therefore, necessary to establish the most appropriate and sustainable training and development strategy for the Palin Logistics Company to monitor and micromanage its employee productivity.


Even though the Palin Logistics Company spends a lot of resources in training seminars and internal programs, the training modules have not been modified to fit within the organization’s corporate culture. Therefore, this research paper will establish the most appropriate approach that the Palin Logistics Company should adopt to improve its training and development strategies.

The Palin Logistics Company will greatly benefit from appropriate training and development strategies, which translates into better employee growth and development, affirmative action, and client satisfaction.


This study attempts to explicitly review the human resource management strategies in the Palin Logistics Company and their impacts on the quality of employee performance feedback. The objectives of this research paper will be to provide sufficient information to the human resource management department of the Palin Logistics Company on the real management problems that have facilitated the occurrence of poor performance among the employees.

Besides, the paper will aim to establish the views of the employees of the Palin Logistics Company on the level of job satisfaction within the current training and development programs. Lastly, the research paper will aim to establish the link between the current output of the Palin Logistics Company and the scope of its human resource management strategies. The need for employee efficiency in the Palin Logistics Company necessitates more research in the area of management styles and their impacts on organizational performance.

It is for these reasons that the research will attempt to provide a framework for organizational performance as directly influenced by the type of management strategies at the Palin Logistics Company. From the business point of view, the Palin Logistics Company will be in a position to double its current labor output and will spend less time in constant replacement of the employees who resign.

From the personal engagement and motivation point of view, the Palin Logistics Company will be in a position to provide better career paths, opportunities for personal and organizational growth, and motivate employees to perform optimally. At the end of the research, the Palin Logistics Company, which wants to further improve organizational performance and increase its commitment to efficiency, will have mechanisms that it can use to decide on the most appropriate management style.


This research will be conducted using research survey study approach. The researcher chose the qualitative approach rather than a quantitative because the scope of the research is focused, subjective, dynamic, and discovery oriented. The qualitative approach is best suited to gain proper insight into the situation of the case study.

Besides, qualitative data analysis is more detailed than a quantitative one. Moreover, this approach will create room for further analysis using different and divergent tools for checking the degree of error and assumption limits. The researcher will dispatch 50 questionnaires as part of the quantitative survey. The research will be declared effective when 40 questionnaires are filled and returned. This research will target senior and junior staff at the Palin Logistics Company.

The study will opt for open and close-ended questionnaire in data collection since it is economical on time, finance, and other resources. In the collection of data procedure, the research will adopt a drop and pick module for the sample population. Each respondent will be given a time frame of a week to respond to questions in the questionnaire. Where necessary, further clarification will be accorded to participants.

The collected quantitative data will be coded and passed through the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version seventeen. In the process, cross tabulation will be used to compare and contrast perception of the effectiveness of the Palin Logistics Company’s training program. To quantify the relationship between the independent and dependent variable, ANOVA will be essential besides figures, charts, and tabular representation of correlation analysis.


I am the most qualified person to carry out this research because of my past training and by virtue of being one of the employees of the Palin Logistics Company. I have a certificate in qualitative and quantitative research, data analysis, and project management. Since I will be interviewing colleagues, I will have an upper hand in gaining the trust of the subjects of the study. Thus, having an opportunity to will give a clear picture of the employee perspective of the research problem.