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Investments in Quality Systems

The article Investigating process management in firms with quality systems: a multi-case study is written by Jon Iden. It includes discussions about investments in quality systems. The interviews were taken, and demonstrations were made to design a multi-case study, which proved that investments in quality systems are of no advantage...

Management Priorities

Management Functions, Objectives, and Priorities

Why Increasing the Wealth of Shareholders and Owners should not be the Primary Objective of Management in a Contemporary Business Firm Introduction In 1970, Friedman Milton published one of the most controversial essays on business ethics. In the essay titled “The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits”...

Management Priorities

Management and Its Primary Functions

Introduction How should we conceptualize a contemporary business organization? Should we conceptualize it as an entity that exists solely to benefit and increase the wealth of the shareholders, or should we view it as an entity that seeks to benefit the various stakeholders, including the shareholders? Analysts in this field...

Management Priorities