Essays on Business Controversies

Outsourcing or In-House Manufacturing?

The answer to the question about whether it is better to outsource certain components or to manufacture them in-house depends on several factors; in some circumstances, one option could be better, whereas in others it may be worse. There are several main reasons for outsourcing, such as the requirement to...

Business Controversies

International Business Environment

Globalization and Competition Globalization is a function of the amalgamation of markets across nations and technologies that enable individuals and business organizations to traverse national boundaries governed by different policies with different cultural settings and behavior to reach target markets in a much faster and more cost effective way. It...

Business Controversies

Fast Food as a Consumer Behavior Challenge

Responsibility of fast-food restaurants to contributing obesity Many people today prefer fast food from restaurants instead of cooking from home. This is because foods from these restaurants are cheap to buy; it is convenient and fast to buy as take-away. Despite all this, the fast food is creating a big...

Business Controversies