Disney Company’s Potential Implementation Restrictions

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Unfortunately, 2020 is not an easy year for the whole world. Because of the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, many firms are facing certain implementation restrictions and have to change their usual way of working. It is rather challenging but necessary in order to keep customers and employees safe and reduce all the risks. For the Disney company, the situation is also difficult: the leaders need to think of new rules and measures so that people can visit their theme parks and feel secure. The purpose of this paper is to discuss potential implementation restrictions for Disney parks and the ways they are planned to work.

First of all, Disney theme parks in the U.S. are working again, and people can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere, meet favorite characters, and have a fantastic day with their families. However, the world’s main rule of the past several months to wear special masks is also in effect in Disneylands, and this restriction is about to become more serious. First, when the theme parks reopened, visitors were only required to wear masks when they are not eating or drinking. The thing is that many people are walking with their beverages or snacks from one attraction to another or even eating in queues, so it is becoming more dangerous and riskier.

Nowadays, many of the sit-down restaurants in Disney theme parks are closed, and a new implementation restriction is about to start working. Potentially, the visitors will only be allowed to eat while standing stationary and maintaining appropriate physical and social distance. Moreover, the implementation of body temperature checks is already in use, which seems rational and necessary. The visitors will probably be required to show their Health QR Code to enter the park. As a result, these potential restrictions will reduce the risks of getting infected in the Disney theme parks and increase the number of visitors.