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Federal Express Company’s Executing Strategies

Since the founding of the company, Federal Express, dabbed FedEx, has developed a value-adding strategy based on fast delivery and being a reliable company. The company has ensured that its employees are acquainted with this value adding strategy to ensure they uphold the required competencies. The company has always looked...


Management: Creating and Sustaining Competitive Advantage

The company’s competitive advantage is the result of an effective strategy. In its turn, the company’s strategic approach depends on the effective use of the available resources and on the overall company’s capabilities to create a significant competitive advantage. The managers’ adequate vision of the company’s strategic and competitive position...


Coca-Cola Company: Staff Performance Effective Management

Introduction This report is based on Coca Cola Corporation and it responds to how the company can manage staff performance effectively. The corporation is a manufacturing multinational enterprise that deals with soft drink and it has approximately 700,000 employees working for the different subsidiaries across the world. I chose to...

Company Analysis

UAE Aviation and Human Resource Management Role

Proposal Summary The proposal is about the role of HR management in recession, specifically in UAE aviation sector enterprises, with a look at Emirates Airlines, Dubai Airports, and Air Arabia. The study will be reviewing the roles that HR plays during the recession test whether it causes firms to withstand...

Employee Management

Sara Lee Corporation’s Managerial Economics

Introduction Organization management in the 21st century demands careful and continuous economic analysis that seeks to evaluate a business’s position at any particular moment in relation to its missions, strategies, and pre-established objectives. It is worth noting that failure to provide a clear critique of the method used by management...

Company Analysis

Organization X’s Resistance to Change

Introduction Organization X is a public company located in Kuwait. Both the strategy manager and the Human Resource manager play the role of bridging the organization with the outside world. In other words, they are the key personnel to be contacted in the organization in case of any inquiries. This...


Successful Leadership’s Influences on Productivity

Abstract The paper discusses how successful leadership positively influences productivity. It begins by noting how the current business environment is rife with competitive and therefore in need of strong leadership. It discusses how leadership will result in innovation and creativity. This leadership will also increase motivation and help the organization...

Employee Management

Human Resource Devolution and Evolution

Executive Summary Devolution in human resources has become more popular as a vital component of organizational practices and culture in many companies. Companies are increasingly embracing the concept of delegating work responsibilities and duties to subordinates to ensure they achieve positive results in the end. The changing external business environment...

Employee Management

Price Waterhouse Coopers: Hiring Candidates

Executive Summary Companies in the United Arab Emirates face numerous challenges in choosing and hiring staff. This is because of the shortage of skilled domestic labour and the bureaucracy of hiring expatriates. The report will focus on most fundamental human resources systems involved in choosing and hiring staff. The paper...

Employee Management

Effective Recruitment and Selection Practices

Introduction Recruitment and selection of employees is an essential decision for any business enterprise. Acquisition of employees costs the organization considerable capital. Therefore, the process should be undertaken with care to obtain an effective and efficient workforce to aid in the realization of overall organizational goals and objectives. Recruitment and...

Employee Management

Pepsi Company: People Management Practices

People Management Practices at PepsiCo Successful organizations have proper human resource management practices that correlate with the organizational structure (Welch and Welch 79). People management practices include a set of guidelines that help an organization to handle the internal environment of work. The internal environment comprises of the employees, competitors,...

Employee Management

Online Business Information Security Program

An information security program can employ a number of practices to ensure that businesses are conducted in an effective manner on the Internet. An effective information program will ensure that a company protects its information. The information has a qualitative value and it must be protected to ensure that unauthorized...


Kodak Company Analysis

The current performance of Eastman Kodak Kodak declared its bankruptcy in 2012, and since that time, this company sold many of its divisions to other enterprises. Moreover, they had to transfer some of their patents because, in this way, they tried to repay their debts. Currently, this organization passes through...

Company Analysis

GMFC Company’s Industrial Relations

Introduction Employees form a very important component of an organization. As Rothwell (2003) puts it, employees are the most important asset within an organization. This scholar says that the success or failure of an organization will always depend on the quality of employees. In the current society, firms are struggling...

Company Analysis

Starbucks Company’s Strategy Marketing Mix Effects

Effects of elements of the marketing mix on the development of the Starbucks organization’s marketing strategy and tactics In terms of products, Starbucks has a range of products that are more than 30 varieties of coffee beans from all over the world. It uses its systems to make fresh coffee...

Company Analysis

Nike Incorporation Marketing Mix Strategies

Abstract Marketing is one of the critical elements in a firm’s effort to maximise its profitability. Thus, it is imperative for a firm to develop effective marketing strategies. One of the ways through which a firm can achieve this is by integrating the marketing mix strategies which include pricing, product,...

Company Analysis

GAP Company’s Business Process Management

Introduction According to the definition provided by the author, the phenomenon of splitting presupposes that the entire supply chain of a specific entrepreneurship, the Gap Company in the specified case study, should be divided into two key processes, i.e., sourcing and logistics. It should be noted that the specified design...

Company Analysis

WestJet Company Analysis: Problems and Solutions

Introduction The business environment in today’s world demands a great change within the operational and management sectors of any business enterprise. It is necessary for the leaders in any business to focus on doing good business as well as maintaining excellent social environment. They should be capable of creating new...

Company Analysis

Scarlet Hospital’s Offensive Marketing Strategy

Preparedness of Scarlet Hospital to Compete with Medical Facilities in Salem Scarlet Hospital was prepared to compete with medical facilities based in Salem, even before the establishment of the highway. Some of the factors that substantiate the high level of preparedness in Scarlet Hospital comprise the provision of high-quality services...

Company Analysis

Costco Wholesale Corporation Management Strategies

Introduction Most people know Wal-Mart as the largest wholesale club in the world. In fact, the name Costco is quite unfamiliar to a considerable number of people. However, this may not be the case, at least according to the latest statistics. The store is considered one of the largest in...

Company Analysis

Apple Company: International Business Proposal

Introduction This analytical treatise attempts to present a mixture of the global standardization and localization strategies as ideal in the current business situation of the Apple Company. Current internationalization strategies of the Apple Company Market foresight strategy Foresight is very crucial since it gives a company rough perspective and an...

Company Analysis

Microsoft Organization’s Metamorphic Analysis

Introduction Organizational analysis refers to the undertaking of various reviews on the diverse processes that are often employed by a given company. The analysis focuses on development issues, the working environment, the personnel, and the overall operations that the specific organization is involved. Through organizational analysis, the management can identify...

Company Analysis

Shukran Shoe Company Management Changes

Introduction The significant changes that Shukran Shoe Company has gone through by having two subsidiaries in two different countries need critical restructuring. Principally, the internal change agents will play a major role in identifying the arising issues initiated by the change. The organization will need fresh strategies, plans, and policies...

Company Analysis

Halliburton Company Management Planning

The Planning Function of Management Planning is “the process of setting goals, developing strategies, and outlining tasks and schedules to accomplish the goals” (InvestorWords, 2011). Planning is pivotal not only for business success but also for personal life. In addition, planning is always geared towards achieving a specific objective(s). Moreover,...

Company Analysis