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Corporate Social Responsibility

Businesses exist in dynamic environments and exist as individuals who need to respond to social duties like any responsible citizen. This responsibility of the corporate is termed as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The term is often used interchangeably for other terms such as Corporate Citizenship and is also linked to...


Able Corporation: Strategic Business Management

The business Strategy of any company, like Able Corporation, determines how the goals of the company, be it be short term or long term, be achieved. Its formulation for any company brings upon four different important factors Product development, Market penetration, Market development, and diversification. All these four factors can...

Strategic Management

Quality Standards Implementation in Organizations

How similar or different would be your approach to continuous improvement in your own organization? Abstract Implementing ISO 9000 is a crucial undertaking of continuous quality improvement in organizations. Continuous improvement can only be sustained if it is carried out throughout the lifespan of an organization. In addition, continuous improvement...


Strategic Human Resource Management

Introduction In 1990 a great work to change the HRM system was started, which then resulted in a shift of role of the HR practinaires in the contemporary Australian business. The change was initiated through establishment of the united public sector. Australian HR practitioners had to focus not only on...

Strategic Management

Riordan Company’s Strategic Plan

Executive Summary Riordan Company is well known for its plastic production which is distributed in major industries such as the aviation industry, automobile industry, and the bottlers of soft drinks. Over the past one and a half decade, there has been rapid globalization in businesses mostly led by the advanced...

Strategic Management

The Concept of Quality Management Productivity

Introduction Total Quality Management (TQM) is a strategic management concept that believes in building quality into the cultural fabric of an organization. A proper implementation of quality will ensure high product quality, increased productivity, lesser rejections and improve the bottom line of the company along with increasing the customer satisfaction....

Strategic Management

Leadership Style Development and Reflection

This time I have been thinking about leadership styles. The flow of my thoughts was stimulated by a situation I have observed recently. Thus, I became a happenstance witness to a conversation between two friends during their lunch at a café where I usually come. They were discussing their bosses,...

Leadership Styles

The Principles of Servant Leadership

Definition First of all, it is essential to discuss the definition of the concept under consideration. Servant leadership is a complex phenomenon, which includes “a philosophy, a set of leadership practices, and a set of leadership qualities” (Allen et al., 2016, p. 1). It is possible to observe that, due...

Leadership Styles

Leadership Theories and Styles

Leadership style can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the working process and its outcomes. Fiedler who distinguished between relationship-oriented and task-oriented leadership styles stated that neither of them is ideal and each of them can be effective for a specific situation (Daft and Lane 67). Leader’s behaviors...

Leadership Styles

Leadership Maxim and Leadership Theory Comparison

Introduction Leadership is the art of socially influencing people to maximize their efforts towards achieving set goals (Davies & Brundrett 2010). Leaders are usually required to define goals and come up with ways through which they can motivate, inspire and empower their subordinates or followers to achieve the set goals....

Leadership Styles

Project Manager’s Leadership Style

How has your approach to and the concept of your own leadership style evolved as a result of your study in this course? Overall, my studies have enabled me to gain better insight into the duties of leaders. In this case, one should focus on the responsibilities of the followers...

Leadership Styles

Functions of Management

The four functions of management (planning, controlling, organizing, and leading) influence effective organizational performance and productivity. The organization selected for analysis is an import/export company. For this company, planning is crucial as it determines strategic directions and activities. In the import/export company, planning consumes prime resources and transforms them into...


Service Quality for Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Introduction Customer satisfaction is critical in the travel industry because it helps companies to overcome competition and retain customers. For travel agents, achieving excellent customer satisfaction is particularly important because more and more customers today can book trips via the Internet without the support of a travel agent. However, in...


Improving E-Mail Marketing Response

Introduction E-mail marketing is one of the most effective tools for communicating with customers and mapping their journey through the sales funnel. It offers an immediate avenue for direct response, allows for automation, and ensures greater personalization to meet the needs of the target audience (Frost & Strauss, 2016). An...


Issues in Marketing Analysis

Abstract According to the American Marketing Association, marketing is the process whereby the organization plans and implements the different prices, various ways of promoting and distributing its products to satisfy the customers and be able to meet the objectives of the organization. (Bobette K.2008). When a company is doing marketing...


Effective Employee Training and Needs Assessment

What else should Fred do before choosing a training package? Before choosing a training package, Fred should have carried out an extensive analysis of the company’s performance, tasks, and objectives. While proposing personalized training, employees should be familiar with all the peculiarities of customers they deal with, as well as...

Case Studies

Genzyme Company’s Focus on Orphan Drugs

How does Genzyme’s focus on orphan drugs affect the degree of competition it faces? How does it affect the bargaining power of customers? The orphan drugs market represents a relatively low share of the global pharmaceutical industry. This is primarily caused by the fact that, when the branch of the...

Case Studies

Service Adhesives Ltd.’s Restructuring

Service adhesives Ltd currently employs up to 20% of their workforce on short-term contracts. What effect will this have on the proposed team-based working structure? The 20% of the workforce mainly comes from non-English speaking nations for instance Poland. Further, they form a big percentage for the personnel at lower...

Case Studies

Leadership Management: Theories and Models

Describe Yukl’s multiple-linkage model: types of variables, interaction among variables, strengths, and weaknesses Gary Yukl is credited for having established the multiple linkage model of leadership. According to his assertions, the performance of work is dependant on multiple variables. These include the subordinate effort; the subordinate ability; organization of work...

Leadership Styles

Power Source, Leadership, and Influences Relations

Introduction Leadership is the process of influencing or directing the behavior of other people towards the achievement of a common goal or objective. A leader should be able to influence others to get things done in a standard that is higher than normal. Power on the other hand is the...

Leadership Styles

Leadership and Performance in the Workplace

Proposed group and team concepts To successfully create an organization behavior modification plan, it is imperative to review the good reputation, concentrate on the ‘right stuff’, and defining the ‘stuff’. Under defining the ‘stuff’ module, it is important to balance the performance of the employees with the effort they place...

Leadership Styles

Leadership Styles in Global Business Environment

The main job of a leader is to have a long-term vision for the organization’s prosperity and effectively communicate it to the staff so that they are inspired enough to bring this vision to life. The company tends to imitate the mentality and attitude of its leader. Therefore, the leader...

Leadership Styles

Leadership Styles and Their Effectiveness

We may put a strong effort into proving that the importance of leadership is nothing more than the “romance of leadership” (Bauer and Edrogan 285); however, the irrefutable evidence of the significance of leadership may be found in history and our everyday life. Without an experienced, wise, and courageous leader,...

Leadership Styles

Whirlpool Company’s Case

Introduction The company decided to implement the Brand Focused Value Creation strategy to improve the quality of services it offers its customers. Whirlpool intended to make its customers more loyal to its products to increase its market share. Whirlpool’s management sought to strengthen the value of its brands in the...

Case Studies