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Case Studies

P&G: The Development of the Data Government and Management Strategies

P&G Case P&G continues to be the leader in sales of household chemicals and cosmetics for body and health care, including baby, home, and fabric care products. P&G relies heavily on large retailer stores, with Walmart responsible for 15% of the revenues (Datar et al., 2020). Smaller, local stores are...


Nike: External Scanning and Analysis

Summary Nike is an American multinational corporation incorporated in Oregon in 1967 dealing with apparel, footwear, and other training and sportswear products. Nike’s international markets accounted for 61 percent of sales, while sales in the domestic market accounted for 39 percent in the fiscal year 2021 (Nike, 2022). Among its...

Business Ethics

Gender Diversity and Balance in Companies

Evidence shows that gender diversity is one of the aspects of corporate behavior that improves performance and leads to positive outcomes for businesses that engage in such practices. According to the second speaker, diversity does not seem to be helpful on corporate boards because the notion is separate from the...

Employee Management

Importance of Gaining Valuable Experience in Professional Career

Gaining valuable experience during my professional career allowed me to explore the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and innovation management more broadly and assess a wide range of opportunities that these areas offer. In addition, through participation in the program on the specifics of international business, I got acquainted with many modern...

Employee Management

The Critical Points of Equal Employment Opportunity

Abstract Equal Employment Opportunity is a principle according to which everybody has the right to advance in their workplace, regardless of various individual characteristics. However, many institutions and employers undergo litigation processes on the grounds of discriminatory or abusive treatment. By investigating the critical points of Equal Employment Opportunity, the...

Employee Management

Patagonia: Analysis of Team Processes

Patagonia’s social compliance program has made the company an attractive place to work. To begin with, Patagonia is an organization that cares for a healthy environment in the working teams. For example, the company has organized unconventional meetings in locations like mountains to make its employees closer and create a...

Employee Management

The Biblical Worldview and Its Impact on the Workplace

Introduction Religion is a powerful aspect of a person’s life since it affects people’s views on life, their purpose in this world, and the individuals and ideas around them. It would be natural to assume that while studying and discussing workplace behavior, questions regarding religion would arise. However, this subject...

Employee Management

Catastrophe Management & Lost Vacation Days Policies

Introduction The staff in an organization plays a fundamental role in the success of any corporation. For the staff to achieve this, they are purposed to be willing and apt in undertaking the organization’s duties to realize maximum productivity. Therefore, the organization’s human resources are obliged to consider these workers’...


BMW Group: Social Responsibility and Sustainability

BMW, also known as BMW AG or BMW Group, is a publicly-traded company that specializes in manufacturing vehicles. The company utilizes a broad social responsibility program that focuses on reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing processes and increasing the quality of life for BMW associates and society (BMW Group, n.d.)....


Effective Management of Change During Merger and Acquisition

The knowledge of leadership models and the role of culture helps raise the effectiveness of organizational changes and improve the banks employees performance. Leading Change in an Organisation Without a doubt, leadership is an indispensable component of every companys performance, be it a commercial bank or a factory. The chosen...

Organizational Management

Organizational Development and Change Methods

The article defines various terms used in change management, including the different change types, methods, and enablers. They propose that every form of change should be aligned with a change method to establish its effect on transformation outcomes. By addressing the various change management and systematic change techniques, the researchers...


The Coca-Cola Company’s Integrated Business Planning

Introduction Integrated business planning (IBP) has become common among leading manufacturing companies across the globe. It is natural as IBP is beneficial for maximizing the company’s profits through a thorough analysis of strategic plans correlated with sales, resources, and capabilities (Bowersox, 2019). The planning also requires constant adjustments to the...

Organizational Management

Discussion of Division-Classification

Welcome to the most innovative car dealership company in the country. First and foremost, the most significant quality that needs to be experiencing permanent growth is to have a strong interconnection between innovativeness and thoroughly developed instruction compliance (Pongpearchan 53). Being employed in “DeltaDealer” means cementing ambitious goals with realistic...


Walmart Inc.’s Task Delegation Recommendations

Introduction Walmart Inc., a major player in the retail industry, is always looking for opportunities to expand. However, this mindset puts significant pressure on top-level management. Philip Thomas, the Vice-President of Walmart’s Human Resources Department, is charged with the responsibility of drawing an organization-wide policy on employee sick leave. Due...


Self-Management and Holacracy Organizational Model

Annotated Bibliography Rolls, J. (2021). Self-Management: A 21st Century Panacea? Organization Development Journal, 67-80. This article evaluates all factors that influence leaders to adopt a self-management approach as a remedy to various challenges experienced by organizations. The author notes that the hierarchical organizational structure that traditionally dominated most businesses is...

Organizational Management

Digital Transformations in Family Businesses

Research Background and Purpose The background of the study involves analyzing the importance of digitalization in family-owned businesses. The research highlights that for businesses to spread and develop in today’s dynamic business environment, it must incorporate digital infrastructure. Through various research that study characteristics of different businesses, it has been...

Company Analysis

Johnson & Johnson SWOT Analysis

Case Study The SWOT analysis is one of the most effective tools to determine the internal and external environment of the organization. The SWOT framework stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (Benzaghta et al., 2021). The first factor identifies the most advantageous internal characteristics of the organization (Benzaghta et...

Strategic Management

Childnet Charity’s Strategic Plan Analysis

Executive Summary Childnet is a non-profit organization that has ensured that it improves the lives of many children and young people. Many children have also suffered abuse, abandonment, and neglect in their community. Consequently, these programs have been introduced to allow other individuals to take care of such children. There...