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Marketing Project

A Process Improvement Plan: Process and Its Steps

Wild Dog Coffee Company is a business which aims at upholding the highest standards of quality and providing the best possible service to customers. One of the iconic beverages served by the store is the cappuccino which is enjoyed by numerous customers every day. In order to ensure that new...

Marketing Project

A Hobby Store for Sports Cards and Memorabilia

This business plan describes a concept of a hobby store for sports cards and memorabilia in run by Pani’s Cards and Memorabilia Ltd., a small start-up in Mascouche Quebec. The store will sell sports cards, and memorabilia from Upper Deck, Leaf, Optic. Additionally, the store will sell rare sports collectables...


The 1970s United States Inflation

Introduction The decade of the 1970s was one marred with inflation in the United States. On average, the inflation rate during this period was capped at 6.8%, which was triple the rate recorded in the previous two decades and double the long-run historical wage (Bredin and Fountas 147). Moreover, the...

Company Analysis

Analysis of the Coca-Cola Company

Macro-Environment (PESTLE Analysis) Political Factors Political factors play substantial roles in ascertaining the factors that influence the long-term profitability of businesses in a particular market or nation. As a beverage and soft drinks company operating in dozens of nations, the Coca-Cola Company is exposed to myriad political environments and system...

Case Studies

International Business Case Study: A Comparison of Two Countries

Introduction For ages, commerce has existed, with science and creativity altering the form and size of the market. Because no country has an absolute advantage of exactly enough of each product to meet its demands, nations participate in international trade, resulting in the global economy. When a country engages in...

Company Analysis

The GoPro Firm’s Production Analysis

GoPro is a U.S. corporation that manufactures and sells a wide variety of cameras. An analysis of the production will give the management of the company insights into how the business is performing. They will be able to determine the direction in which the organization is moving and ensure that...

Employee Management

Federal and State Health Promotion Laws

Affordable Care Act The Affordable Care Act is a federal public health law aimed at empowering consumers with stability and flexibility of making informed choices. In this regard, the law provides the public with critical information prior making any choice related to the acquisition of healthcare services. Provisions According to...

Employee Management

Air Transportation Company Employees’ Mental Problems

Causes of Stress The professional activity of the employees of the air transportation organisation service assumes a high information load, responsibility for the comfort, well-being, and life of a large number of people, and is associated with intensive communication, including the resolution of conflict situations. According to Bor and Hubbard...


Vendor Management: Techniques and Approaches

Introduction Since suppliers are a significant and integral part of an extended number of companies, vendor management has become an enormous and severe issue. Leaders and managers need to choose an appropriate approach that is likely to lead to the organizations’ success and increased performance. Moreover, vendor management techniques aim...

Company Information

Barnwell Industries Inc.’s Financial Performance

Introduction In the past years, many businesses and companies have experienced the devastating effects of COVID-19. Business managers and Chief Executive Officers (CEO) have tried several businesses’ resiliency methods to control a slew of the impacts of the pandemic but with evidence of failure in the majority of the companies....


Supply and Demand in Real World Example

COVID-19 pandemic negatively impacted most of the companies globally. In early 2020, steel mills experienced a reduction in demand for still products, and due to the economic recession and depression, the demand for steel decreased (Lambert, 2021). Most companies that rely on steel for production and manufacturing reduced their demand...


Digital Marketing Activities: Advantages and Disadvantages

Online interactions are vital for a company in the modern days, as the digital market proliferates. Despite apparent obstacles, such as new skill requirements and high competition, the advantages of this type of marketing make it crucial (Advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing, 2019). This paper discusses digital marketing activities,...


Social Marketing in the Daily Environment

Summary Why Video is Social Marketing Social marketing, in general, should be perceived as a set of marketing activities carried out by an organization and aimed at promoting socially significant ideas in society. The organization, in this case, can be any commercial company, voluntary funds, or even state enterprises. The...


Economics: From Financial Crisis to Debt Crisis

This article states that in the economy, there is a bad tendency to use collected data from a small window of time to understand economic experiences. It says that instead of using a small time window dating back to 1980 to understand these experiences, the window should be extended to...


Clementine Hernandina: Online Marketing

Based on the above, imported product, I would not change its brand name. However, to increase its marketing, I would employ the direct selling approach on how the product is sold in the U.S. Direct selling constitutes the transaction of products straightforwardly to the consumer in a non-retail surrounding (Clark,...


Economic Growth in the Information Age

Introduction Growth is a term that is used to describe the general positive nature of active facets of a society. In economic terms it’s categorized as either actual or potential. Economic growth refers to the steady increase in the GNP/GDP that is normally measured annually. Okun, (1962) says, “It provides...

Company Analysis

The Hauser & Partner Company’s Analysis

Abstract In this project, the analysis of structures of the company Hauser & Partner is presented. It is a small-scale family business delivering high-quality installations for various events, shopping malls, and outdoor activities. The first chapter involves the internal analysis using the McKinsey 7-S Framework, and the second chapter consists...

Risk Management

Societal Risk Assessed in Terms of an FN Diagram

FN diagrams are used to present information regarding risks. They can be used to represent three vital types of information, namely: historical incidents record, quantitative risk analysis results, and judging criteria for risk tolerability. Two key variables are important in estimated risk analysis. These include the forecasted event occurrence frequency...