100-Word Essays about Business & Management

A 100-word essay about business, management, or marketing won’t typically require deep research and analysis. Papers of such a length are written to demonstrate creativity and the ability to formulate thoughts clearly. The most common genres for 100 words essays are personal statements and discussion board posts.

You can write a 100-word essay about business and management in many subdisciplines. For example, business controversies, logistics, strategic management, international marketing, or finance. We wish you good luck with your assignment! Take a look at 100 words essay examples on this page to get inspired.


Papa John’s: Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Worst Spokesperson

John Schnatter is the founder of Papa Johns’s, one of the largest pizza delivery chains. The origin of the company dates back to 1984, and ever since, the business has managed to skyrocket and gain support from many customers on a national level (Kinicki, 2020). However, while the organization gained...

Employee Management

The Employee Performance and Job Satisfaction

Among the main factors that drive the levels of staff members’ performance rates up, the levels of job satisfaction are often mentioned a s acritical concept (Al-dalahmeh et al., 2018). The goal of this paper is to link the productivity of employee performance to the issues of job satisfaction, work-life...

Business Ethics

Work Ethic in the United States

Work ethics is a functional element of workplace management in the contemporary employment context. In general, work ethic might be defined as a set of beliefs and principles followed by employees who consider that continuous engagement in hard labor inevitably leads to better outcomes. In other words, the more one...

Leadership Styles

The Leadership Styles in Business

Although there are many debated styles of leadership, such as autocratic democratic, transactional, transformational, and affiliative among others, there is no definitive answer on which one is the best one universally. The paper will narrow down the research and discuss whether it is better for the leader to manage the...

100 Word Essay FAQ

A 100-word essay about business and management can be written on many topics. For instance: credit, trade agreement, market research, Boeing, electricity, or online shopping. The exact format depends on the requirements. You should consult with your teacher to understand what is required in your particular case.

The first thing you should do to write a 100-word essay is to choose a topic. You’ll have to spend some time researching, writing, and editing. That’s why it is worth choosing a topic that inspires you. A good 100-word essay about business, management, or marketing should feature a solid outline, a clear thesis statement, and a bibliography. Please pay special attention to your sources’ relevance: they must be up-to-date.

Business, management, and marketing are inspiring topics to write about. However, working on a 100-word essay on business will require some effort from your side. You’ll also have to spend time formatting and editing your paper, as well as preparing graphic materials. You’ll need about 20 minutes to write 100 words.

A 100-word assignment, be it about business, management, marketing, or other topic, usually contains 1 to 2 paragraphs. This rough estimate implies that a typical paragraph in academic writing includes 100 to 150 words.

Employee Management

Critical Approaches to Organizations and Communication

Cybervetting is an element of the technological panopticon – a feature that allows employers to collect information about the online presence of potential and working employees. Cybervetting can help verify information that a recruit offers to the company. It also shows how employees engage with others and whether they express...

Employee Management

Employee Interest in Professional Certification

Introduction. Connections between Professional Certifications and Employee Motivation Connections demonstrate to them that managers share their drive to be the best; People like to work for companies that are involved in their professional development; Workers will also experience recognized and appreciated by the organization; Certified personnel learns the value of...

Company Analysis

SWOT Analysis of Marks and Spenser Inc.

Introduction Company name: Marks and Spencer Inc. Business Domain: Retail. Market Base: Global. Headquarters: London SWOT Analysis Marks and Spenser Inc areas of strength and good performance. Factors affecting the organization’s performance. Opportunities that might be of significant importance to the organization. Threats that negatively affect the organization. Strengths Strong...

Case Studies

Empirical Investigation of IT Outsourcing in France and Germany

In the present article, Barthelemy and Geyer (2005) examine factors that affect outsourcing and quasi-outsourcing decision in French and German companies. The concept of quasi-outsourcing is used to describe the situation in which a firm established its own IT subsidiary instead of signing a contract with a third party. IT...

Employee Management

The Role of Group-Based Status in Job Satisfaction by Henry

The article called “The role of group-based status in job satisfaction” is devoted to stating the correlation between respectful treatment and work satisfaction within stigmatized groups (PJ, 2011). The main purpose of the article is to explore the principles of stigma formation. The paper also aims to show that the...


Empowering Leadership Practices and Job Satisfaction in the Tourism

Introduction Empowering leadership is new. Empowerment is shared leadership. Correlation between leadership and job satisfaction is essential. Job dissatisfaction affects tourism sector. Relevance of leadership attributes to tourism sector. State of Research and Hypotheses Minimal focus on leadership in tourism sector. Leadership Factor 1 – Leading by example. Leadership Factor...

Employee Management

Diversity and Inclusion in Business

Diversity and inclusion are wide scale terms nowadays as companies are focusing on these to adjust their businesses and gain a competitive advantage. Diversity is the mix of individuals who present different races, cultures, and other elements that may divide people by specific criteria (Abdel-Rahman et al., 2021). Inclusion is...

Employee Management

The Pay for Performance Approach

The question of salary pay raise is quite multi-faceted. Employees might start considering other options if they discover that other companies could pay considerably more for executing the same responsibilities. Nevertheless, it is better to provide workers with pay increases after the evaluation of their performance. In this case, it...

Company Analysis

Financial Statement Analysis of Sleeman Breweries Ltd

Introduction The objective is to make investment decisions, and for that purposes analysis of available financial statements of Sleeman Breweries Ltd (SBL) have been made keeping in view projected expansion and other plans of SBL. The financial analysis includes an assessment of profitability, liquidity, and overall financial performance of SBL...


Career Aids: Useful Inventories or Pseudo-Science?

I am of the opinion that career aids assist a person to refine his or her approach in securing an appropriate career. Although opponents see it as a waste of time and money, from a psychological perspective, career aids assist job seekers and students to determine their weaknesses and strengths...