The Role of Group-Based Status in Job Satisfaction by Henry

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The article called “The role of group-based status in job satisfaction” is devoted to stating the correlation between respectful treatment and work satisfaction within stigmatized groups (PJ, 2011). The main purpose of the article is to explore the principles of stigma formation. The paper also aims to show that the stigmatized groups require equal to non-stigmatized employees’ respectful treatment.

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In the first part of the article, the author offers a theoretical overview of stigmatized groups and respectful treatment in the workplace. The author highlights the idea that stigmatized groups require the gestures of respectful treatment to understand that they are not belittling (PJ, 2011). In the second part of the article, the author describes the experiment to figure out the dependence of work satisfaction and respect in the workplace. Pj (2011) discusses the methods, variables, and gained results, emphasizing that respectful treatment impacts stigmatized and non-stigmatized groups differently. The experiment results showed that people from minorities are more vulnerable to the working atmosphere.

In conclusion, the author says that stigma influences the psychology of people. The author ends the article with the idea that respect can significantly affect job satisfaction in stigmatized groups.


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