Work Ethics: Attitude and Character of Employees

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The ethical aspect of work is crucial for creating a favorable office environment, which contributes to the increase in profits and improvements in relationships. In addition, it allows for establishing appropriate rules of conduct, which are followed by everyone due to their awareness and perceived responsibility for outcomes. Therefore, it is critical to understand the significance of the attitude and character of employees for the efficiency of business operations.

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Attitude in the Workplace

The first aspect of the matter, attitude, is essential for ensuring people’s motivation. In the workplace, it can be used to eliminate the risks of emerging conflicts. For example, when one faces harsh criticism and negativity due to a failure to meet expectations, they might be unwilling to cooperate in the future (Leonard). From this perspective, a positive attitude is a key to successful collaboration, which should be considered when communicating with colleagues.

Another reason why this component is critical for guaranteeing compliance with ethical principles is the dependency of results on people’s perceptions. Hence, work ethics are not respected when they do not like their occupation, and the products or services under their responsibility will not be delivered properly (“Attitude Really is Everything and Here’s Why”). In my experience, finding a positive side even in tedious tasks helps increase the quality of work.

Moreover, attitude is directly connected to the professionalism of employees, and their image, as well as the reputation of the companies, depend on it. For instance, they manage to meet deadlines and be productive in general only in the case if they respect the established regulations regarding work hours and other conditions (Heathfield). Otherwise, the neglect of these factors happens to be detrimental to the perception of the business by customers, and this situation cannot be viewed as ethical.

Character in the Workplace

The second element of work ethics is a character, and it determines the possibility of promotion for individuals. This aspect correlates with leadership roles, and it can be used for one’s professional growth and the development of suitable role models for others to follow (Thomas). In other words, it provides guidance for all employees and managers, and their actions are well-coordinated when they agree on the definition of right and wrong in terms of regular operations.

The character also contributes to fair treatment of one another, which is significant for efficient communication. For example, when workers do not show any signs of favoritism and their decisions are made without prejudice, no one takes advantage of others’ tendencies to focus on friendships (Bigge). In this situation, their conditions are equal, and their performance is the only indicator that determines who should be promoted.

Another reason for the need to emphasize one’s character for complying with ethical considerations at work is the effects of honesty and integrity on its outcomes. Thus, these qualities guarantee that mistakes will not be ascribed to the wrong people, and those, who actually made them, will be blamed (Chron Contributor). It means that relationships among employees are fair, only in the case if they are willing to take responsibility.

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To summarize, the impact of work ethics and, more specifically, character and attitude on my performance and others’ success is significant. Positivity in perceptions helps avoid unnecessary criticism, instill responsibility, and improve the reputation of companies and their employees. In turn, the traits such as leadership, fairness, honesty, and integrity determine the relationships in the workplace. Therefore, they can be used for overcoming challenges and, in my case, benefit in assisting others in regular operations.

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