An Individualized Approach to Stakeholders’ Needs

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“The adoption of an individualized approach to the needs of all stakeholders appears to be one of the most beneficial ideas of Business Name over the past decade. It will boost the productiveness of its managers, who can keep in touch with all interested persons while not being distracted from monitoring and controlling regular operations. This solution should also help them increase the satisfaction of employees and customers and attract new people to the business.

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Indeed, the emergence of new market conditions determines the necessity to readjust the operations of Business Name in order to remain productive in the long run. The best solution is to pay particular attention to the benefits that are supposed to be distributed among managers, employees, and their clients as they are presented in the official sources. From this perspective, the modification of the website as per the new information is a reasonable measure to increase the awareness of the affected persons regarding the advantageous options of dealing with Business Name.

In addition, since the process of entering new market segments is accompanied by the adoption of new practices, they should be adequately regulated. In this situation, the formulation of novel requirements would not be sufficient if they are not clarified to the public; hence, their inclusion on the website is the key to future productiveness (Salado, 2021). In response to the emerging challenges, Business Name made a decision to introduce them alongside other data, and they can be used for communicating its innovative mission and vision to the potential customers and employees. Thus, the improvements described above are efficient for facilitating the interactions between the stakeholders and providing easy access to the essential company information.


Salado, A. (2021). A systems‐theoretic articulation of stakeholder needs and system requirements. Systems Engineering, 24(2), 83-99.