The Season of Churn: Causes, Consequences, and Peculiarities

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The dismissal of a talented employee is often a problem for an enterprise. Mass churn is a huge ordeal that not every company can withstand. The pandemic has become a kind of strength test for both workers and employers. It is this aspect that Polovin (2021) describes in his article, published on the platform SoGoSurvey, striving to analyze the impact of the pandemic on dismissals and ways to reduce that impact.

Summary of “The Season of Churn: Pandemic-Influenced Employee Turnover”

The main subject of the paper is the peculiarities of the season of churn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and its main reasons and consequences. Based on the research studies by the Work Institute and the Achievers Workforce Institute, the author describes this phenomenon, which means the situation when many employees leave the company, from different aspects (Polovin, 2021). Therefore, this article, containing the well-grounded review of significant characteristics of workers’ churn, can help employers avoid it and hold the skilled workers.

While employee retention is one of the pillars of the enterprise’s functioning, employee churn is a big problem for owners of companies. Since it is necessary to understand how to fight this vital issue, the paper aims to determine how the pandemic affected workers’ turnover and what employers should do to improve the situation (Polovin, 2021). This article is intended for entrepreneurs and people forced to change the workplace due to the pandemic. Thus, the paper’s author touches upon three main issues: the likely increase of those who want to quit, the reasons for this desire, and recommendations that allow employers to avoid a mass leaving of workers.

The Utility of the Article to Human Resource Management

This paper contributes significantly to the strategy of Human Resource Management (HRM). It is concerned about recruitment as a part of HRM, claiming that this process and integrating new workers into the team is “a massive strain on company time and financial resources” (Polovin, 2021, para. 2). The last part of the paper, containing recommendations on how not to lose the top-performing employees and save money, which otherwise will be spent on recruitment, is the most essential for the strategy of HRM. According to Polovin (2021), well-thought-out training, career progression and compensation, timely approval, and the ability to listen to employees will save the company money and eliminate the need to look for dozens of new workers. Therefore, this article is relevant to HRM and can be used in different organizations.

My Reaction to the Article

I believe this article can significantly benefit entrepreneurs during a pandemic due to its well-ground review of employee churn’s reasons. Having lost the connection with the company and feeling of integration due to remote work, many people rethink their lives and decide to look for another job. However, they have no confidence that the new job will be better than they have now. Thus, this article will help not only employers retain talented employees but also workers not lose a good job due to temporary difficulties, doubts, and stress (Polovin, 2021). In my opinion, the author claims the objective facts, which make this paper substantial and valuable.

A pandemic is a volatile time when many people feel confused and stressed out by the fear of an epidemic, which significantly impacts the person’s career and enterprise’s functioning. This article will be a benefit of a solution to the problem of employee churn and turnover. In turn, it will help companies continue developing even in difficult times for the world and provide their workers with a good salary and a feeling of being a part of something great.


Polovin, G. (2021). The season of churn: Pandemic-influenced employee turnover. SoGoSurvey.