The Walmart Management Analysis in the US and Canada

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Management is a dynamic process through which companies design remains to facilitate organizational goals. Walmart is a multinational company that runs various grocery stores, hypermarkets, and other departments while utilizing the four managerial functions in its operations. The organization is successful in the retail industry through facilitating administrative functions (McMann, 2019). Walmart remains triumphant in the retail sector; hence, it is necessary to comprehend the executive functioning of the organization through understanding how it is employed to achieve success.

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Walmart management ensures appropriate planning, leading, organizing, and controlling by forecasting future changes to keep ahead of its competitors. Walmart planned to take advantage of globalization by seeking foreign markets and has arranged expansion to suit current technology demands (Tan et al., 2019). For example, Walmart renovates its technology from time to time in different countries to maintain competence and promote efficiency in its operations.

Managers in Walmart facilitate their four management functions by ensuring consistent availability of supplies. They work closely with associates to resolve challenges and uphold business ethics to promote a good brand (Curran, 2020). Managers are sensitive to associate needs and follow up to ensure proper stocking, pricing, displaying, and signage are carried out in every store to maximize sales.

Walmart managers work with employees to develop new ideas to achieve the organization’s mission and vision. The managers promote a friend working environment with an all-inclusive policy that advocates for diversity and equal opportunity. This culture impacts the way Walmart managers direct their staff (Hui et al., 2021). Ethical leadership embraced in Walmart ensures that managers set clear rules that they equally follow. Walmart managers also assign tasks and responsibilities to their subordinates from time to time. Through delegation of functions, it is easy to keep things in order and track performance.

Walmart’s management skills include good interpersonal skills since they lead their teams to carry out tasks, develop innovative ideas, and liaise with suppliers to maintain the supply chain (Martin et al., 2021). They also possess great technical expertise since the organization heavily relies on online marketing and website updates. They have extraordinary conceptual abilities based on providing a friendly and diverse working environment they offer to employees.

Walmart utilizes both transformational and transactional leadership techniques in guiding its management functions. Sam Walton, the organization’s founder, was a transformational leader with grand visions and expectations (Vélez Berríos, 2020). Transactional leadership is achieved by promoting the best performing employees, allowing associates to stock stores to their opinions, and balancing standards with freedom.

SWOT Analysis

  • Walmart has the advantage of brand recognition globally for its cheap products (Song, 2018).
  • Online retail and shopping strategy.
  • It has reasonable supply chain control.
  • It also has proper control over its suppliers.
  • The organization offers numerous products, hence capturing a wide range of customers.
  • The business also applies economies of scale in its manufacturing processes.
  • It operates at low-profit margins
  • It is easy for upcoming competitors to copy its strategies
  • Walmart is understaffed in some stores.
  • The organization does not have a firm healthcare policy for its employees.
  • Walmart could expand to developing countries.
  • It can enhance its labor policies to promote employee welfare.
  • It can improve the quality of its products.
  • It can enter into strategic ventures with other organizations.
  • People have the stereotype of the company paying poorly and hiring low-skills, which can ruin its reputation.
  • The organization focuses on meeting customer demands rather than offering sustainable products (Neebe, 2020).
  • The organization faces high competition from companies such as Amazon.


In summary, Walmart management functions ensure consistent supplies, promote innovations and motivation among employees and promote competitive advantage in the retail industry. Management skills in Walmart include excellent interpersonal skills, technical expertise and conceptual abilities. Walmart utilizes transformational and transactional leadership styles. Walmart’s strengths include its brand recognition, online sales and numerous products. Its weaknesses are high competition and poor hiring strategies. Its opportunities expand to developing nations and improving the quality of their products. The organization threats entail high competition and lack of sustainable products.

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