The Employee Performance and Job Satisfaction

Subject: Employee Management
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Among the main factors that drive the levels of staff members’ performance rates up, the levels of job satisfaction are often mentioned a s acritical concept (Al-dalahmeh et al., 2018). The goal of this paper is to link the productivity of employee performance to the issues of job satisfaction, work-life balance, and identify the presence of any correlations and causations between the specified factors. The mixed research method is used to approach the issue. The multiple regression analysis is adopted as the main quantitative analytical tool in order to isolate the effects of job satisfaction rates on the levels of performance. The scope of the research is limited by the presence of certain biases in the chosen four studies; namely, the selection bias in one of the papers has affected the outcomes of this research to an extent. Overall, the outcomes of the analysis allow making a conclusive statement concerning the overwhelmingly positive effect of the levels of job satisfaction and work-life balance on performance rates.

Keywords: job satisfaction, performance rates, workplace performance, work-life balance


Al-dalahmeh, M., Khalaf, R., & Obeidat, B. (2018). The effect of employee engagement on organizational performance via the mediating role of job satisfaction: The case of IT employees in Jordanian banking sector. Modern Applied Science, 12(6), 17-43. Web.