Seven & i Holdings Versus Lawson: Comparing Strategies

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A leading goal of every business is to attract more customers and obtain more benefits. These outcomes are possible if an organization has a competitive advantage over its rivals. That is why companies do their best to develop practical business strategies that would help them occupy a more prosperous place in the market. However, not all the efforts are equally effective, and it can happen that some companies fail to utilize productive approaches. Thus, Seven & i Holdings and Lawson are direct rivals with effective business strategies, and sufficient evidence demonstrates that the two firms are equally competitive.

Seven & i Holdings Strategy

To begin with, one should describe the strategy that Seven & i Holdings uses. This organization specializes in many business operations, including department stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, food services, IT services, and others. Thus, a practical approach should be available to ensure that the business can succeed in all these spheres. A few directions are prioritized, and a digital sphere is among them. According to Seven & i Holdings (2018), the organization focuses on strengthening online contact with customers and offering new service initiatives. The business also provides the Seven Mile Program that allows customers to receive their IDs to enjoy shopping benefits in many stores of the holding (Seven & i Holdings, 2018). Furthermore, a specific market concentration strategy deserves attention, and it refers to “opening a high concentration of stores within one area” (Seven & i Holdings, 2018, p. 6). This fact increases familiarity with the brand and leads to more efficient supply chains. Finally, the organization takes action to expand its presence in multiple countries, including Malaysia, Australia, the USA, and others (Seven & i Holdings, 2018). Consequently, the business invests much effort in implementing an efficient strategy.

In addition to that, the strategy of Seven & i Holdings draws sufficient attention to sustainability. For example, the company meets the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic brought and makes the required changes to adapt to the new environment (Seven & i Holdings, n.d.). In particular, digitalization was promoted to ensure that the necessary preventive measures were implemented. At the same time, the organization published its Green Challenge 2050 Environmental Declaration in 2019, where it prioritized reducing CO2 emission, decreased use of plastic, combating food loss, and sustainable procurement (Seven & i Holdings, n.d.). These examples demonstrate that the company’s strategy is concerned with protecting the world for future generations.

Lawson Strategy

As for Lawson, it is a popular company that has many convenience stores in different countries, including Japan, China, Indonesia, and others. There is no doubt that the business utilizes a specific strategy to ensure that it occupies a successful place in the market. In general, Lawson’s approach relies on three elements, and they are superior taste, human kindness, and environmental friendliness (Lawson, 2021). This statement denotes that the company draws sufficient attention to many processes and factors that can affect its performance within these three areas. Firstly, Lawson admits that it only works with high value-added products and services to ensure that the superior taste goal is met (Lawson, 2021). This approach involves working with reputable partners and employing the best candidates. Secondly, the human kindness objective denotes that the business provides appropriate working environments that lead to health promotion among employees and customers (Lawson, 2021). Finally, the organization understands the current challenges and stipulates that its activities contribute to creating a carbon-free society (Lawson, 2021). Consequently, one can claim that the organization’s strategy offers many benefits.

In addition to that, it is necessary to mention that Lawson’s strategy addresses many social and legal aspects. For example, the organization’s official website stipulates that the company understands the importance of environmental preservation, disassociating from antisocial forces, and maintaining neutral relationships with various political parties (Lawson, n.d.). Furthermore, the organization highlights that its strategy advocates for the prohibition of insider trading, proper management of confidential information, adequate protection of property and intellectual property rights, and others (Lawson, n.d.). This information demonstrates that the given company has developed an effective strategy that allows Lawson to establish an image of a responsible and reputable brand that takes care of employees, clients, and the entire society.

Comparing the Strategies

The previous sections have identified and commented on the existing evidence that describes the strategies utilized by Seven & i Holdings and Lawson. Now, it is reasonable to compare their activities and processes to comment on which approach is more effective in the modern market. The comparison will be made using a qualitative methodology, meaning that literature findings will be analyzed to make reasonable conclusions.

According to the identified information, it is impossible to mention that any of the two firms has a competitive advantage over the other one. The rationale behind this statement is that the two organizations under analysis draw sufficient attention to many challenges in their strategies. For example, it has been found that both Seven & i Holdings and Lawson address current environmental problems and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. Simultaneously, there is no surprise that the strategies of these businesses focus on satisfying customer needs and providing all the clients with the best possible products and services.

At the same time, it is impossible to mention that Seven & i Holdings and Lawson have identical approaches to leading business, denoting that their strategies have differences. However, it is possible to admit that these variations are balanced, meaning that these companies offer advantages in different spheres. For instance, Seven & i Holdings earns a competitive advantage by utilizing a specific market concentration approach and implementing the Seven Mile Program. However, Lawson beats its rival by addressing multiple social and political aspects in its strategy. It is worth admitting that the promise to highlight political neutrality and refrain from unfair business practices is a notable sign for clients to develop trust in this brand. Consequently, the identified information demonstrates that Seven & i Holdings and Lawson are equally competitive because the two brands offer many advantages that are attractive for employees, customers, partners, and the whole market.


The paper has overviewed the strategies used by Seven & i Holdings and Lawson. These two firms operate in the same markets, making it reasonable to compare their approaches to identify which business has a competitive advantage over the other one. That is why credible evidence has been collected and analyzed to determine these company’s strategies. Furthermore, a qualitative methodology allowed for comparing the identified data to reach the required conclusion. It has been found that Seven & i Holdings and Lawson are equally competitive firms. This statement was made because the businesses either addressed the same issues in their strategies or had individual strengths, but their positive effect on the market was approximately the same.


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