The Recruitment Team Strategy for Selecting a Project Associate

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This presentation is about the recruitment team strategy for selecting a Project Associate for the State University. There are seven main parts in the discussion, and, to begin with, the company’s introduction is necessary. It allows for creating a public image of the organization and understanding the importance of recruiting. The next steps are to define the goals of recruiting and describe the job for a candidate. All recruitment procedures and processes should be identified to help the company organize its activities logically. The agency and the HR team identify the main interview questions, preferred social channels, and an effective scoring system to share feedback. The analysis of the roles of the recruitment agency and the HR team is necessary to divide duties and tasks. Finally, several concluding remarks will be given to prove the worth of the chosen recruitment strategy.

The State University needs a consulting recruiter to identify and attract effective human resources. Recruitment strategies are necessary to increase productivity and achieve a person-organization fit (Potočnik et al., 2021). The organization requests solid recruitment to discuss the candidate’s roles and responsibilities within a team. Professional help is also necessary to understand how to cooperate and cooperate with unknown individuals and explain the company’s intentions. At the same time, HR team members should share their opinions about candidates and give recommendations, relying on personal judgments, knowledge, and observations. Taking these steps will result in choosing the right person for the position of Project Associate.

Goals of Recruiting

The initial step of any recruitment strategy is to identify and discuss the goals of this process. In this case, the State University needs the assistance of a consulting recruiter for several reasons. First, the workload distribution is expected because several people are involved in this activity, following their tasks and meeting the deadline. Most selection processes will be simplified as all information is kept in one place, and one person takes a leading responsibility for the results. Time and cost optimization plays an important role because no organization wants to lose something when it is important to find someone (Cappelli, 2019). A recruiter analyzes available resources and uses them reasonably, relying on personal experiences and professionalism in the sphere (Maurer, 2015). The final goal of the current strategy is to find the right person for the offered position.

Job Description

Another significant step in the recruitment strategy for the organization that needs to find Project Associate is to describe the job, explain responsibilities, and point out major requirements. In this case, the State University’s Project Associate will be involved in several activities, including research work either in groups or independently. Any research project may require some contributions, and the Project Associate should recognize needs and participate. Cooperation with stakeholders at different levels (organizational, administrative, or academic) is appreciated. A person will work with various materials to gather, process, and analyze information. Additional qualifications are Bachelor’s degrees and the position of such skills as critical thinking, quick learning, and adaptation to different situations.

Company’s Culture and Current Affairs

When a company is searching for a new employee, a recruiter should make enough observations to create a public image and share organizational culture and current affairs in an interesting and informative way. In other words, the recruitment agency helps figure out what the job requires and what an ad should say to candidates (Cappelli, 2019). The major requirements are to represent a welcoming and friendly environment for all candidates, regardless of their characteristics and behaviors. Support and cooperation attract the attention of potential employees to be enthusiastic about the offered job. The State University sets clear goals and defines responsibilities for all project associates not to lose the importance of research. Finally, striving for innovation is encouraged to show people how improvements may be achieved.

Interview Questions

To hire a person, an HR manager should be ready to communicate and choose how to gather information about candidates. Interview questions turn out to be a significant part of the recruitment strategy (Cappelli, 2019). They need to be definite to focus on the person’s past activities and experiences that may be applied to the current job. Talks about overall goals will help recognize the candidate’s ambitions and contributions to the project. Finally, some questions must contain a description of personal and professional qualities. This type of communication plays an important role in learning the personality and his/her appropriateness for this team. There are some questions for the manager to use during an interview with the candidate.

Social Channels

The choice of appropriate social channels is one more task for the recruitment team. It includes the analysis of the current job market and the evaluation of available sources of information. Despite the final choice of the channel, there are several rules to be followed for an effective recruiting strategy (Potočnik et al., 2021). First, the content should be attractive, and people must see interesting material about the company and the offered job. Second, it is better to introduce several ideas, so the candidate can choose and rely on different qualities and interests. Finally, the promotion of the brand is integral for recruitment: people always want to know the current state of affairs in the company and further prospects. The best options for the State University are Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube because many students and job applicants frequently address these social media services.

Scoring and Feedback

If the HR team consists of more than two persons, it is better to think about some candidate scorecard beforehand. Many organizations create assessment tools to evaluate candidates’ potential from different perspectives (Cappelli, 2019). The main idea of this step is to identify several criteria and examine each person as per the same qualities that are vital for the organization. This procedure helps exchange feedback and systematize the selection process. The recruitment team becomes more consistent and less biased in comparing potential employees. General facts, observations, and opinions are stored for further acceptance or rejection on reasonable but neutral grounds. The current employees communicate with new people and decide who can become their next Project Associate.

The Agency’s Role in Recruitment

The process of recruitment is never simple because many details should be identified. Sometimes, organizations do not have enough time or experience to organize the required number of activities and address the recruitment agency for help. In this situation, the role of the agency’s representative is clear and definite. Firstly, it is necessary to formulate an opinion about the company and the recruitment importance to prove that such an outside opinion matters. Secondly, the agency creates a list of vacancies to initiate searching. The responsibility may also include discussing and formulating job requirements and qualifications. It will help the company create the criteria for all candidates on equal terms. The analysis of social media channels is the next task for the agency to make sure the company can penetrate the market successfully. Finally, Maurer (2015) talks about the importance of inviting professional technicians or advertisers to introduce an attractive and informative campaign. All these roles may vary in time and space, depending on the department’s current needs.

The Agency’s Role in Selection Processes

When the recruitment process is initiated, the agency may also participate in the selection process. The task is to create a solid database with candidates for the company to analyze. The agency’s representative can be involved in the creation of profiles where enough information about candidates is gathered. Sometimes, they are present during the interviews to gather opinions from direct communication and real-life meeting and share unbiased feedback (Maurer, 2015). If the company cannot find the right person, the agency extends the deadline and continue negotiating with candidates not to interrupt the selection process. When the company is interested in further cooperation, some onboarding roles are considered, and the agency observes the development of the candidate within the organization.

The HR Team’s Role in Recruitment

Compared to the recruitment agency that is not directly interested in finding the right person, the HR team has a list of responsibilities that contribute to the company’s success and meet personal demands. Thus, understanding the responsibilities of human resource managers is a vital step in the recruitment strategy (Cappelli, 2019). The team needs to introduce a company and enlist the obligations of a new project associate. The agency or other external stakeholders have limited information about the employment details and financial aspects. Thus, the task of HR managers is to discuss and evaluate candidates, their knowledge, and their experiences. Besides, the HR team could surf the web and follow social media news to learn about current changes in the market.

The HR Team’s Role in Selection Processes

When the company has a group of candidates to choose from for the offered position, it is high time for the HR team to participate in the selection process and make final decisions. Their responsibilities aim to analyze the offered resources and work effectively to understand who deserves a chance to join the team (Cappelli, 2019). They communicate with candidates and assess their skills and knowledge that may be helpful in the position of Project Associate. In addition, they can monitor human behaviors in different situations and learn if people’s reactions are appropriate. Finally, the HR manager does all paperwork to hire a person officially, with the presentation of the necessary employment package. Usually, the HR team continues onboarding to see if their decision and choice are correct for the interests of the organization and research processes.


The State University decides to find a new Project Associate, and the recruitment agency is chosen to achieve the best results in human resource searching. The strategy should be properly identified and discussed at all levels to cover all vital procedures and decisions. The cooperation between the HR team and the recruiter cannot be ignored because it is a good chance to find the best options and hire a professional in a short period. There are many recruitment processes, including a job description, the choice of social media sources, the creation of interview questions, and the scoring of candidates. Each step has its goal and outcome, and the roles of HR managers and recruiters must be properly defined and explained.


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