Socially Responsible Efforts of TOMS Shoes and The Body Shop

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Both TOMS Shoes and The Body Shop are widely recognized as business with high social corporate responsibility levels. The main social goal of TOMS Shoes is to provide a pair of shoes for a poor child whenever a new pair of shoes is being purchased from its shops. The founder of this business was impressed when he saw the devastating levels of poverty during his trip to Argentina. Presently, TOMS Shoes’ social impact can be felt in over 50 countries. Additionally, the company takes care of the environment by incorporating sustainability efforts into its processes. They use recycled polyester, organic cotton, and natural hemp to make shoes, and their boxes are made of recycled waste. Meanwhile, The Body Shop supports three programs aimed at different but equally significant social issues: animal protection, environmental protection, and human rights protection. The company’s extensive volunteering and fundraising activities help pursue global sustainable goals.


The most evident organizational advantage from adopting socially conscious policies is a positive business reputation. This benefit entails others, including better recognition of the brand and increased sales. Additionally, such companies attract talented employees and keep their turnover rates very low. Customer loyalty is yet another positive outcome of being socially conscious. All of the mentioned features lead to organizational growth, which enables businesses to increase revenues and direct more resources to charity events and sustainable development.

A Socially Responsible Policy Suggested for SNHU Pet Supply Company

A good idea of a socially responsible policy for the SNHU Pet Supply Company would be making its products and packaging of recycled materials or letting buyers reuse them in a thoughtful way. For instance, the company could design its food packaging so that it could be used as a poop bag for pets. This would benefit the company by (1) saving on materials and (2) bringing more loyal customers. As for consumers, they will save on purchasing poop bags and will feel better for participating in the efforts aimed at helping the environment.