Diversity and Inclusion in Business

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Diversity and inclusion are wide scale terms nowadays as companies are focusing on these to adjust their businesses and gain a competitive advantage. Diversity is the mix of individuals who present different races, cultures, and other elements that may divide people by specific criteria (Abdel-Rahman et al., 2021). Inclusion is the organizational culture that implies making the workplace comfortable for a mix of people, so they feel confident and valued while working for the company (Abdel-Rahman et al., 2021). More and more companies are now trying to establish inclusive and diverse workplaces because it can critically affect organizational effectiveness (Combs et al., 2019). Therefore, these terms are highly significant for today’s businesses.

The principles of diversity and inclusion have a severe impact on the organization in which I am currently employed. The primary reason is that people of different racial and ethnic origins have different worldviews and sets of knowledge, meaning that they can offer the company their talents and ideas that other employees cannot. Therefore, our company’s effectiveness has increased due to the innovative nature of our work.


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