The Maersk Group: Human Resource Function and Strategic Plan

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Hi everyone,

My name is X, and I am currently working towards my bachelor’s degree. I have several goals for my education, and although they might change in the course of the semester, I will work very hard to achieve them. Specifically, I aim to achieve and maintain a high-grade point average, participate in discussions more frequently and work on my debating and writing skills. In this class, I expect to learn more about human resource management and how human resource departments contribute to the growth and development of different organizations.

The Maersk Group study case illustrates that the human resource function should be aligned with an organization’s strategic plan. Such a plan defines the direction of the company and outlines and summarizes its goals and objectives. Therefore, human resource departments should recruit qualified employees capable of achieving the set goals and advancing the company. Furthermore, aligning the human resource function and the strategic plan can help the department manage staff performance, training, and evaluation. Thus, considering the organization’s strategy, the department is more aware of what positions are most impactful and mission-critical and require the recruitment of qualified experts.

The different global conditions throughout the years have substantially impacted human resource management practices within this organization. Thus, before 2003 the company focused on hiring unqualified individuals who could be trained and remained with it long-term. As the company expanded, the focus shifted on recruiting experienced professionals who can help further the company and help reach its set strategic goals and objectives.

Notably, in 2008, due to the global recession and the consequent slower growth, the human resource department focused on recruiting qualified personnel, leadership development within the company, and improved reward mechanism to promote employee retention. Overall, the case study shows that Maersk Group can adjust to the changes and challenges of the global market and align its strategic plan with the human resource function.