Empowering Leadership Practices and Job Satisfaction in the Tourism

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Empowering leadership is new. Empowerment is shared leadership. Correlation between leadership and job satisfaction is essential. Job dissatisfaction affects tourism sector. Relevance of leadership attributes to tourism sector.

State of Research and Hypotheses

Minimal focus on leadership in tourism sector. Leadership Factor 1 – Leading by example. Leadership Factor 2 – Team Interaction. Leadership Factor 3 -Participative decision-making. Three Hypotheses emerged.


Quantitative research. 60 employees surveyed. 10 hotels contacted. Participants sourced from 3 German cities. SPSS used for data analysis.

Findings and Conclusion

Empowering leadership is correlated with job satisfaction. H1, H2, and H3 Accepted. Demographic characteristics had no effect. Leadership factors not correlated.


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