Transforming a Company’s Staffing Process

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The current pandemic has changed every aspect of life in the US and worldwide. The commercial sphere is not an exception, as COVID-19 brought disproportions into the personnel selection strategies, budget establishment, creation of a healthy internal and external climate in organizations. Due to pandemics, online recruitment gains momentum as it provides both employer and candidates flexibility, efficiency, and cost savings. Researchers consider staff selection procedures occurring exclusively online offer increased flexibility and cost-effectiveness for businesses but can also involve inappropriate applications, legal risks, and decisions based on outdated information (Monteiro et al., 2019). Indeed, web-based technologies offer businesses various useful processes; however, not all the operations online can be as efficient as offline recruitment. It might be time-consuming and harsh to screen all the candidates properly.

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In this research, the benefits and risks of e-recruitment as a method of providing organizations with staff will be estimated. The main goal of the investigation is to compare the profits and jeopardies of the method and explain the need for additional research to form new recruitment strategies in the global pandemic era. The major benefits and risks of online recruitment are observed and estimated in the second chapter.

The methodology used for this research is a targeted literature review allowing to locate, analyze, and summarize evidence from recent literature reviews and experimental studies. The paper includes secondary sources of literature, and the third chapter involves the literature selection process and discusses the influences of e-recruitment on diverse aspects of organizational performance. At last, in the fourth chapter, the reasons for further investigation to create innovative employment strategies are presented along with the relevance of analysis on online recruitment for the formation of own business strategies in the future. Although online recruitment is an excellent way to hire specialists, it is valuable to assess all the risks before applying the method in practice.


Monteiro, I., Correia, M. B., & Gonçalves, C. (2019). Transforming a company’s staffing process: Implementing e-recruitment. Journal of Spatial and Organizational Dynamic, 7(2), 144-157.