9000-Word Essays about Business & Management

A 9000-word essay about business, management, or marketing is more like a research or term paper. To prepare a solid assignment of such a length, you’ll have to conduct research and make an extensive “works cited” list. That’s why you’ll have to spend much more than one evening writing your 9000 words essay.

You can write a 9000-word essay about business and management in many subdisciplines. For example, corporate governance, employee management, managerial negotiation, leadership styles, or industry. We wish you good luck with your assignment! Take a look at 9000 words essay examples on this page to get inspired.

Company Analysis

Novikov Group: Internationalization of the Russian Restaurant Business

Introduction Internationalization has become exceedingly important for entrepreneurs as it helps them gain new markets and ground to expand their business. Many high-end restaurants, such as that of Alan Yau and Gordon Ramsay, are no longer confined to the domestic vicinities of their home country and spread their wings in...

Strategic Marketing

Red Bull and Coca-Cola Promotional Techniques

Abstract Both companies, Red Bull and Coca-Cola invest heavily in the use of sports marketing, events, TV/Cinema, magazines, radio, relationships, sponsorship programs, and sports among other techniques in promoting their energy drinks in the market with different implications on the market. Each of the companies uses different approaches to conduct...


Electronic Business in Small-to-Medium Size Organisation

Introduction Today’s world is moving at a faster speed through technology in every aspect of business while e-business has recognised as the most modern aspect of that technology integration. It influences organisations for discovering newer customs for expanding the competitive marketplace; draw the attention of customers through customisation their offerings...


Entrepreneurs the Future of the Internet

Introduction E-Business organizations that will advantage. We will see “near organizations” shaped that will “reduce repetition and pull together in order and services keen on a user-friendly ‘one-stop supermarket.” These organizations’ determination be shaped to serve businesses that contain regular communication with the World Wide Web, making life easier for...

9000 Word Essay FAQ

A 9000-word essay about business and management can be written on many topics. For instance: recession, operations strategy, British Airways, corporate finance, public relations, or globalization. The exact format depends on the requirements. You should consult with your teacher to understand what is required in your particular case.

The first thing you should do to write a 9000-word essay is to choose a topic. You’ll have to spend some time researching, writing, and editing. That’s why it is worth choosing a topic that inspires you. A good 9000-word essay about business, management, or marketing should feature a solid outline, a clear thesis statement, and a bibliography. Please pay special attention to your sources’ relevance: they must be up-to-date.

Business, management, and marketing are inspiring topics to write about. However, working on a 9000-word essay on business will require some effort from your side. You’ll also have to spend time formatting and editing your paper, as well as preparing graphic materials. You’ll need about 30 hours to write 9000 words.

A 9000-word assignment, be it about business, management, marketing, or other topic, usually contains 60 to 61 paragraphs. This rough estimate implies that a typical paragraph in academic writing includes 100 to 150 words.


Auditors’ Independence: Threats and Concerns

Introduction The value of auditing rests on two crucial requirements. First, the attestation needs to be competent. It needs to be undertaken by those with appropriate expertise and may involve the necessity of having a competent audit structure, technologies, and processes to undertake the audit. Second, it must be undertaken...

Financial Management

The Changing Role of the Independent Financial Advisers

Problem Statement Introduction This dissertation essentially illustrates the insight of the changing role of independent financial advisers in the UK linking with retail investors respond and the factors touching the investor’s motivation and exploration under the regulatory exercise introduced by the ‘Financial Services Authority’ that emerged and developed in the...


Economic Globalisation in the 19th and 20-21st Centuries

Introduction Globalisation has been a phenomenon affecting world business and economy since Columbus and Da Gama started their voyages from the Mediterranean and the Cape of Good Hope. It is a part of world history, in the conduct of world trade and commerce, including political practices of nation-states. Globalisation is...


Metro Bank’s Difficulties in the United Kingdom

Introduction Metro Bank PLC is the first bank that has been established in the UK for more than 100 years. The bank entered the UK in the backdrop of tough regulation in the backdrop of the crash of Lehman brothers but banks on the customers who are ignored by high...


Natural Gas Utilization Master Plan in Nigeria

Abstract Nigeria has become important in the world as a supplier of oil and natural gas because of reducing crude oil reserves. The key forces shaping Nigeria Natural gas industry are global warming, improved associated gas recovery technologies, economic forces, and international energy security. This project aimed at developing a...


Relation between Sustainability and Entrepreneurship

Introduction Introduction and Background of the research The importance of small and medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) to a country’s economic growth has become more evident in both the developed and developing countries. According to McDaniel (2002), Small and Medium sized Enterprises plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the economy...

Risk Management

The Influence of Risk Governance on Project Objectives and Outcomes

Governance and Risk Governance Definitions The Standards of IIA define governance as “the combination of processes and structures implemented by the board to inform, direct, manage, and monitor the activities of the organisation toward the achievement of its objectives.” (IIA, 2011) OECD has introduced another definition which is “Corporate governance...


UAE Customers’ Needs and Emerging Technologies

Background The United Arab Emirates is one of the leading economies in the Middle East and North Africa region. The government has made a concerted effort to diversify the economy of the country to reduce its over-reliance on the oil and gas sector. Just like many countries in the MENA...

Organizational Management

Industrial Organizational Psychology

Assessments to be conducted in order to understand the client’s problems and formal assessments Team effectiveness One of the theories that will be useful in assessment of team effectiveness will be the five element model proposed by Jex and Brix (2008). It should be noted that team effectiveness refers to...

Leadership Styles

Leadership Styles and Their Impact on Business Process Reengineering

Introduction There has been a wide range of studies conducted on the implementation and effectiveness of Business Process Reengineering (BPR) to improve the overall performance of organizations. Effective leadership among other organizational, cultural and people issues has been one of the major determinants of the success or failure of BPR....


Legal Requirements for UK and Chinese IPOs

Introduction IPOs involve the sale of a company’s shares to the public for the first time.1 Based on the nature of traded securities in the stock exchange market, IPOs are generally risky because they involve speculative behaviors among investors.2 Most IPOs involve major global corporations, but cases of smaller firms...

Organizational Management

National Ferries Company: Resistance to Change

Executive Summary National Ferries Company is the sole provider of ferry services in the Sultanate of Oman. In this report, the primary aim was to conduct an investigation about the problem of change resistance among employees and determine strategies that the management of the company can use to address the...

Employee Management

Productivity Improvement and Employees Loyalty

Introduction Background Workplace relationships are never reciprocal (Denning 2013). Relative to this assertion, Deery (2008) says, while people like to believe in the concept of equality and democracy in the workplace, the reality is that some groups of employees exercise more power than others do. Broadly, this uneven power structure...

Organizational Planning

Cafe Coffee Day: Business Plan

Executive Summary The Concept Café Coffee Day (CCD) is structured as a specialty beverage retailer to be located in Charlottenburg – a part of Berlin in Germany. CCD will implement a system which is new to the beverage and food industry to provide both hot and cold beverages in a...


Exit Strategy for American Small Business

Abstract One of the biggest issues facing the owners of private companies in construction is exit strategies. For small companies, the most obvious exit strategy might be simply looking to the bigger firms to buy them, but is hoping to sell your company to a bigger player a sound strategy...