SWOT Analysis of Marks and Spenser Inc.

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Company name: Marks and Spencer Inc. Business Domain: Retail. Market Base: Global. Headquarters: London

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SWOT Analysis

Marks and Spenser Inc areas of strength and good performance. Factors affecting the organization’s performance. Opportunities that might be of significant importance to the organization. Threats that negatively affect the organization.


Strong adherence to the industry’s latest trends. Strong and effective social corporate responsibility. Significant investment in the e-commerce platform. Good customer care services.


Frequent product recalls by customers. Majorly relying on UK markets increases its vulnerability. Poor performance in China which is a major market base. Poor financial performance.


Utilizing the Indian markets. Ensuring effective Online presence. Reshape the clothing segment. Simplifying their operations model.


Depreciation of sterling post-Brexit. Stiff competition in the food sector. Changing trends in the clothing sector.

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