The Roles of a Manager in an Organization

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The function of a manager in a company is often reduced to monitoring and coordinating tasks, yet the specified respective is quite far from reality. Due to the need to coordinate a range of processes, including not only production-related but also organizational and interpersonal issues, a manager must play the role of a negotiator and leader. Due to the multifunctional nature of a manager’s role in an organization, the specified topic resonated with me particularly strongly.

The importance of a manager accepting the roles of an innovator and a leader have been emphasized multiple times. For instance, in his TED Talk, Simon Sinek (2009) described the importance of leaders being genuinely invested in their tasks and inspiring others, thus, spurring public interest in their services. The specified concept applies to management as well; namely, Sinek’s (2009) video has changed my perspective on the role of a manager significantly since it helped me to embrace the fact that managers must be passionate about their job to sell their services and products. Thus, Sinek’s (2009) assertion may influence a manager’s performance in key roles by accepting them with passion and excitement.

A manager must perform three key roles (namely, interpersonal, informational, and decisional), all of which are critical for a company’s performance. However, it is the informational one that resonates most with me due to the opportunities to integrate innovative perspectives and manage a tremendous amount of data (Bright et al., 2019). In turn, the interpersonal one makes me feel most uncertain due to the lack of effective conflict management skills. However, I believe that, with proper training, I will be able to overcome the challenges associated with communication and become an effective manager.

Since a manager must be able to multitask in the workplace, the idea of becoming one fascinates me. Though there are several flaws to address, I aspire to become an impeccable manager and leader one day. To achieve this, focusing on communication, task management, and quality improvement is needed.


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