Job Satisfaction Surveys in Nalduir Consultancy

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Having collected and analyzed self-report job satisfaction surveys we in Nalduir Consultancy thoroughly investigated the reasons for low job satisfaction and stress on the part of minority workers. According to our findings, subconscious discrimination lies at the heart of these problems. This subconscious discrimination manifests itself in lower chances for promotion, a larger number of tasks and complaints about the quality of work done.

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Often it stems from the fact that people subconsciously favour employees who are similar to them and tend to shy away from difference and change. In our study we found that while most managerial positions are held by white men, few minority workers are promoted or rewarded. Disidentification and stereotyping, seemingly eradicated from today’s life, still find their place in people’s hearts.

Different social theories help to explain why subconsciously people from similar groups stick together. Social identity theory speaks about in-groups where people belong and out-groups which they perceive as others. Justice theory of fairness raises the issue of people’s motivation and the ways to uphold it at workplace (Rescher, 2018). Having thoroughly analysed these theories, we came up with the following steps to enhance minority workers satisfaction at workplace.

First, the distribution of tasks and rewards should be equal for people holding the same posts. Secondly, the hiring staff of the company must include diverse individuals in terms of race, gender, ethnicity and age, as different HR managers are likely to hire individuals belonging to different groups. Finally, policies should be drafted by people belonging to different backgrounds as not to let any discrimination principles creep in. Highlighting practical ways of enhancing job satisfaction, the study paves the way for further research in the field to uncover new means to put a stop to subconscious discrimination at workplace.


Rescher, N. (2018). Fairness: Theory & practice of distributive justice. Routledge.