Why Evaluating Training Is an Important Part of Strategic Training

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Training as a part of the HRM framework accepted in organizations to support employees’ professional development and introduce an effective talent management approach. However, prior to introducing a training framework into the target setting, performing an evaluation of the selected training strategy is needed. By assessing training as an HRM tool, one will be able to ensure that staff members will receive the skills and knowledge needed to improve their performance and meet organizational goals accordingly.

The introduction of training assessment helps to identify its strengths and weaknesses as related to the corporate goals. Therefore, examining the advantages and disadvantages of the training framework is vital for ensuring that the strategic training goals are met. Ain addition, the assessment of the training strategy will allow meeting the needs of staff members, particularly, contribute to their professional development and, therefore, address their urge for self-actualization (Coomer, 2020). Namely, while the training will keep the focus on the corporate strategy and how the provided information factors in the organization’s goals, it will also encourage staff members to develop the skills needed for personal and professional growth, particularly, self-directed earning (Coomer, 2020). Thus, the evaluation of training as the mean of defining the alignment between the training program and the company’s strategy and objectives is a crucial part of strategic planning.

The integration of the training assessment tool into the set of available HRM tools allows making sure that the training program will lead to a rise in the levels of the staff members’ competency and contribute to an increase in the company’s performance. Moreover, the assessment will help determine whether the proposed training aligns with the corporate goals and leads to meeting key milestones. Therefore, training evaluation remains a vital part of the strategic planning process.


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