Aegean Airlines’ Environmental Scanning

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Having the largest number of passengers carried, Aegean Airlines is currently the largest airline in Greece. The company operates scheduled flights to more than 150 destinations, and customers from all over the world have voted it as the Best European Regional Airline (Aegean Airlines, n.d.). This essay argues that Aegean Airlines has advantages in comparison with other similar companies because it chooses to cooperate with its major competitors and constantly aims at improving (Aegean Airlines, 2018).

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The company has 14 codeshare agreements with airline companies from countries all over the world, such as the USA, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Russia, and others (, 2009). This allows Aegean Airlines to have more passengers and greater market reach (Aegean Airlines, 2021). It now operates three technical bases in Greece: the main one is located at the International Airport of Athens “E. Venizelos”, and the other two bases are in Thessaloniki and Heraklion (A new era of growth for AEGEAN | About Aegean, 2021). The company has an all-Airbus fleet and claimed to have ordered 42 new generation aircraft of the A320neo family in 2020 (Aegean Airlines, n.d.).

The major hubs of Aegean Airlines are located in Athens International Airport in Athens, Macedonia International Airport in Thessaloniki, and Larnaca International Airport in Cyprus (, n.d.). The company’s merger with its rival, another Greek airlines company Olympic Air, is also an example of how Aegean airlines manage to cooperate in the competitive business environment (Routesonline, n.d.). The company is constantly developing and investing in its growth. For example, it plans to expand its fleet to 70 aircraft, which will allow Aegean Airlines to carry more than 18 million passengers every year (Katsoni and Poulaki, 2021).

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