FLIK Hospitality and Services Company’s Mission, Culture and Philosophy

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The team at FLIK Lifestyles creates innovative, cutting-edge solutions for the food and beverage industry, hospitality, wellness, and environmental services industries. It has been long since FLIK Hospitality Group first opened its doors (FLIK Hospitality and Services, 2019). Since its inception in 1975, the company has grown exponentially in size and influence. Graduates from Johnson & Wales University are in high demand at this well-established corporation, with 40.0 percent of its workers having received their education from the institution (Total Food Service, 2019). FLIK Hospitality Group, headquartered in New York, is a significant participant in the professional business, employing 3,300 people and generating $178.0 million in sales annually (FLIK Hospitality and Services, 2019). FLIKs’s patented platinum service culture fosters a customized mentality shared by everyone involved with your event.


FLIK Hospitality Group’s mission statement is “Our D.N.A. great food is the heart of FLIK is great meetings with style.” Aside from the actual meeting itself, it has been argued that food is the most crucial element to consider (FLIK Hospitality and Services, 2019). Many of their customers have told us that the cuisine is the most crucial component in their decision. FLIK recognizes that superb cuisine enhances the experience of special meetings (JWU Magazine, 2021). Providing a wonderful eating experience is dependent on several factors, including variety, wellness, and innovation.


The FLIK Hospitality Group hosts a day-long FLIK Expo to bring together approximately 750 managers, chefs, and executives from around the business. They frequently get together to discuss the newest trends in the hospitality industry, unveil culinary innovations, hear from senior officials and guest speakers, and network with other members of the organization and the larger corporation (FLIK Hospitality and Services, 2019). For more than two decades, the exhibition has been an essential component of FLIK’s identity.


The FLIK group is passionate about what they do by nourishing the mind, body, and spirit of those they serve and the people they develop. It all comes down to obtaining the freshest ingredients possible and establishing an atmosphere that encourages even more innovative ideas. They create moments of sharing centered on food, and people get together because of their cuisine.

Pros of working for FLIK Hospitality

  1. FLIK employees are often questioned about their personal views on several topics.
  2. One is handled fairly and equitably.

Cons of working for FLIK Hospitality

  1. Special training Proper training is absent, as is the case in many large organizations, who prefer to recruit individuals who have years of experience so that they do not have to spend time teaching them. or management programs
  2. Management is not more concerned with workers’ welfare since they are engaged without taking brief breaks.

Special Training and Management Programs

Embracing the spirit of L.O.V.E (Live Our Values Extraordinarily), the FLIK. group is committed to training and supporting all of its employees, ensuring that they remain focused on what is most important to them. M.I.T.’s program is ideal for excellent college graduates who want to set the groundwork for a successful career (FLIK Hospitality and Services, 2019). The program provides students with a rich learning environment to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for full-time management professionals.


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