Cisco and Adobe Companies’ Mission Statements

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Cisco’s mission statement is to “shape the future of the Internet by creating unprecedented value and opportunity for our customers, employees, investors, and ecosystem partners” (Cisco, 2021). From this, people can infer that Cisco’s central aim is to make accessing the web simpler and more productive for everybody. Secondly, upon closer perusing, the organization means products when it states it expects to do it by making extraordinary worth by value. Thirdly, Cisco’s products are known to be useful, which is a thing that assists with drawing in additional individuals who care for the environment. The three compartments of the statement do not need additional changes as they are effective in the delivery of the company’s image. However, the second stanza on the value and opportunity seems vague. From it, clients cannot see the unique characteristics of Cisco that differentiate it from other IT-focused brands. Thus, it can replace ‘value’ with a more specific offer that makes the company stand out.

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Adobe’s mission statement is “to move the web forward and give web designers and developers the best tools and services in the world” (Adobe, 2021). The organization’s initial mission is to push online innovations ahead. Then, it fosters new advancements and carries development to its clients. Finally, it wants to make the best web-based tools on the planet. Adobe fulfills the primary part by focusing on developing an assortment of programming to develop web usage. Then, the plan is client-situated to augment convenience, which clarifies why it is known for the best features. In the last point, Adobe’s obligation can be viewed as accommodating organizations and the general population to assist them with imparting and performing everyday undertakings more proficiently. The statement is short and concise, which makes it a perfect sample of a successful mission statement.

The two companies aim for global change in IT innovation. This helps them to stay as world-renowned brands and competent in the 21st century. Both of them focus on their customers to show their specialty. Nevertheless, Adobe defines its target customers as “web designers and developers,” while Cisco just uses the general term (Adobe, 2021; Cisco, 2021). Both companies show their products in their systems as ‘values’ and ‘tools and services.’ This assists them in demonstrating what they can offer to people or businesses. In general, the companies’ mission statements are clear and show their products and goal to improve technology globally.


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