Effective Management in a Restaurant

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The integral rule for effective management of any company with high employee turnout is to create convenient work conditions that will retain staff rather than apply some coercive measures achieved by the deception of workers. Managers should also take into account that they should avoid stereotypical thinking that the amount of money paid is the fundamental driver of retaining good employees (Mathis, 2020).

As for the restaurant, the initial step I would make is the establishment of a friendly working environment with a convenient working schedule for employees. Firstly, the manager and employee need to organize flexible work arrangements that will suit the employee’s personal lifestyle (Mathis, 2020). In other words, the well-organized division between work time and personal life encourages people to stay in the company that offers such conditions. Secondly, the increase in the quality of organizational leadership brings more positive working relations and attitudes of employees to each other (Mathis, 2020). As the manager of the restaurant, I will ask the supervisor and other staff in high positions to approach other employees in a fair way without any discrimination based on race, religion, or gender differences.

A different way to view the factors affecting job retention is to analyze the benefits that employees can get from their job. It is not a secret that one of the major groups that work in restaurants is students. Having great expectations about future career plans, teenagers want their job to satisfy their needs in their personal development goals (Mathis, 2020). Concerning management in the restaurant, effective internal policies should help young talents to improve their skills in restaurant services and even non-related to their primary position qualifications. Finally, the well-working technique is to provide some decent rewards for the successful performance of duties (Mathis, 2020). These rewards should have a competitive advantage over competitors in order to attract the most motivated workers.


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