Apple Inc. Technological Innovations

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Apple will produce its first autonomous car by 2024. Apple Inc., widely known for its technological innovations, has invested in the independent car segment. In the past about one decade, the company has focused on developing its software and reassessing its goals for this project. It has worked with among the best brains in the autonomous car industry, including Doug Field. According to Nellis et al., Field, an Apple veteran, was previously employed by Tesla for years. He returned to Apple and oversaw the project’s progression starting in 2018. The field is remembered for laying off about 190 employees in the company after he returned to fasten the project completion. Since Field’s return, Apple has exhibited significant growth and development towards producing its first autonomous car. This goal is achievable by 2024, considering the substantial investments the company has made in research and development.

Central to its strategy is designing a battery that will be relatively cheaper than those currently in the market. Reducing the cost of batteries will pave the way for mass adoption of the technology, which is among Apple’s top goals. The battery will also serve as a source of competitive advantage. Apple boasts enormous resources, spending about $18.75 billion on research and development in 2020 (Vailshery). This capital will also enable the company to produce products that meet the needs of the mass market.

Additionally, with an established reputation in developing unique technologies, it has a competitive edge in producing its first autonomous car. The mass adoption of Apple products, including the iPhone, increases the chances of the autonomous car exhibiting a positive perception from the customers. In conclusion, using its team of expertise, outstanding technological innovations and reputation, Apple can achieve its goal of producing its first autonomous car by 2024.

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