The Leadership Styles in Business

Subject: Leadership Styles
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Although there are many debated styles of leadership, such as autocratic democratic, transactional, transformational, and affiliative among others, there is no definitive answer on which one is the best one universally. The paper will narrow down the research and discuss whether it is better for the leader to manage the employees rigidly, overlooking each task, or to trust them with their own decisions. On the one hand, increased management allows for the leaders to be more in control of the situation in the company or their team. On the other hand, allowing more independence for the employees encourages initiative and increases motivation (Al Khajeh, 2018). I believe that the employees should be given more voice, hence allowing different perspectives and input into various issues. The audience would consist of established leaders, who might all possess different opinions on the matter. Some might argue against too much freedom of choice for the employees, arguing that there is a risk of weak execution and poor decision-making (Al Khajeh, 2018). However, in the long run, motivated staff is more likely to bring results.


Al Khajeh, E. H. (2018). Impact of leadership styles on organizational performance. Journal of Human Resources Management Research, 2018, 1-10.