A Hospice Organization’s Strategic Plan

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Any company, no matter how carefully its strategic plan is built at a particular stage of its development, may face some strategic issues that need to be addressed. They can be caused by both internal contradictions and external factors, trends, and changes. However, even serious negative factors can be overcome and become a positive trait when using sufficiently entrepreneurial management (Ansoff et al., 2019). This essay aims to summarize the strategic issue identified through the mission analysis and vision of the Hospice organization.

The non-profit company reportedly provides worldwide services focusing on personalized care and support with cultural and spiritual inclusiveness. An organization of this size can withstand small local changes; however, it will be influenced by changes in the environment and especially the health of citizens (“What are strategic issues,” n.d.). Such changes affect large segments of the population and impact a considerable number of the company’s customers, given its specifics. Simultaneously, one of the main theoretical strategic problems is the inability to consider the interests and wishes of all individuals associated with the company. Since this organization is focused precisely on fulfilling the desires of its target audience, abrupt changes in the environment can become a severe obstacle.

In the modern context, there is a problem with the raging COVID-19 pandemic. This disease has a significant impact on people’s quality of life, which is directly related to the organization’s mission. In addition, COVID-19 appeared very suddenly and became widespread in a short time, almost making it impossible for most companies to prepare. Since the organization’s values ​​do not specify adaptability to external factors, it can be assumed that adjusting to emergencies such as a global pandemic was not included in the original strategic plan. At the same time, COVID-19 imposes many restrictions on interaction with people, which are an integral part of the services provided by the company. It can also cause severe deterioration in health, especially in people who already have any disabilities or chronic diseases.

Consequently, the lack of accounting for large-scale external events is a severe strategic issue that can disrupt the entire company’s operation. It is necessary to take a series of actions to resolve this issue to ensure that the activities of the event comply with additional health standards. Taking into account such factors will allow the company to successfully survive the pandemic and be prepared for other similar phenomena.


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