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Although an accounting career can be very stressful, it is still interesting. This means that as much as it might be demanding (to an extent), it can still allow you to enjoy your job and career as an accountant. In this case, just like any other career, there are certain things that one needs to do for long term sustainability. There has been an argument that every career is stressful but it only depends with the approach that it is given as time goes by.

This will enable an individual to suit in the career well and thereby become experienced. We have once in our lifetime encountered demanding and stressful tasks but we have ended up fulfilling them for our good (Elliot 14). This is the same approach that can be given to an accounting career. This therefore tells us that as much as the career might be stressful, we can still find something to enjoy about it.

Because accounting involves a lot of things, it can be said to be stressful but this is something that might be fixated in our mindsets. This means that it will continue to be stressful as long as we assume that accounting is a stressful career. In this case, just like any other career, an individual should be known that it will not stress him. This enables people to be dedicated and focused on their job and career as accountants.

As a matter of act, we can not be selective in choosing careers and jobs on the argument that they are stressful. In this case, we are supposed to be prepared for something that interests us in our lives. To be successful, as much as something might be stressful, we need to set our goals well for long term sustainability (Elliot 21). This means that we are not expected and are supposed to make career mistakes that might cost us our lives. Therefore, we can easily conclude that as much as accounting might be stressful, we can still find something that will interest us about the career.



Many people and students will always elect accounting with an intention of becoming professional and this is very good. In this case, somebody can not wake up one day and say that he/she wants to take accounting unless they have developed some interest in it. This interest is mainly aimed at being a professional in the said area and field like accounting. It should be known that as an accountant, one is not strictly restricted to the profession alone (Cuomo 19).

There is a transition that one needs to go through to be a full accountant. This is as far as a profession in accounting is concerned. Accounting has been given a bad image as a dull career and profession. This is because it was initially associated with middle aged men in suits but this is waning away as time goes by. In this case, it has been given respect as a good career that can attract a lot of people who initially had reservations about it.

Nowadays, accounting has attracted a lot of people and it also has huge salaries that have enticed various individuals. This means that it is increasingly becoming a career of choice for many people and this is good. It is interesting to find out that many CEOs and leaders are career accountants and this tells us something interesting about it. There are various steps that one needs to go through before, he/she can be declared and termed as a professional accountant. This means that an individual needs to gain the relevant work experience that will make them good professionals. There are other professional accounting bodies that an individual needs to join to be fully recognized (Elliot 28). In this case, there is need to sit for professional exams for long term sustainability. In addition, other specific subjects are supposed to be studied.

Some people have degrees in different disciplines but they have also ended up as career accountants by going through various stages. This can be effectively done by a mixture of various things. In this case, we can talk about on-the-job experience and other professional qualifications that will enable an individual to be successful as a career accountant. We can therefore say that accounting as a profession boasts of various and many individuals from other disciplines.

This means that we always have options but we can settle on the best that will make us happy. Before we choose on a career like accounting, we should be very passionate about what we want to do because this is very important (Cuomo 28). This is something that various people have missed in their lives thereby becoming unsuccessful as far as accounting as a career is concerned. This therefore revolves around our aims, goals, objectives and aspirations that we might have in our lives.

Why accounting is stressful

Accounting can be said to be a stressful career but it all depends with where you are working. In this case, we can find ourselves in various organizations that have different and distinct needs. This will therefore define the working environment that can be quite stressful. This aspect can make accounting to be a very stressful career and profession. Accounting work can be said to be cyclical but this depends on where an individual is working.

This tends to give people a lot of demands that can end up frustrating their job. Many people who have always wanted to take and pursue accounting ask how stressful the job is but this can be a mentality. If you always think that the job will be stressful, then with time, it will be a problem to you no matter how much you try (Michel 17). We need to admit that as much as accounting can be stressful to some extend, this does not apply to everybody. In this case, some people will find it interesting no matter what.

Wholesomely, the issue of whether accounting is a stressful career is dependent on the individual in question. This means that it can be difficult to other people and stress free to others. An individual’s level of education will determine if the job is stressful or not. In this case, if an individual does not have the know how to go about with the job, it will be stressful. Therefore, to avoid all this problems, it is good to ensure that you have the technical know how and educational qualifications that will enable you carry on the job well. An individual’s personality can also determine if the job is stressful or not.

This aspect revolves around the innate mental abilities that we need to do our jobs and responsibilities (Cuomo 22). It should be known that accounting can be very stressful to an average person but this can always be avoided. This will depend on proper understanding of the basic premises of accounting.

The general reason why some people will always refer to accounting as a stressful career revolves around the definition of the word accounting. In this case, it does not refer to only one single line of work and this is indisputable. Different types of work revolve around accounting and this is the reason some people might term it stressful (Elliot 26). Accountants are supposed to avoid any simple mistakes that can have serious repercussions on their jobs and the organization. In this case, it can be stressful in trying to avoid these mistakes. Some people can have a general natural affinity to accounting but this does not mean that they can’t make it as accountants. For an individual to make it as a career accountant, he needs to have some mathematical skills that will help him to sharpen himself.

Why accounting can be interesting

There has been an argument that accounting is a very open profession. In this case, we can wholesomely say that if individuals from other disciplines and professions can become career accountants, why is it that somebody should settle on it. This therefore asks us a big question on why somebody should choose to account as a profession yet there are other options. In addition, why should somebody settle on a very demanding and stressful career? These are various aspects and issues that have revolved around accounting. In this case, there are specific benefits that we can gain by becoming professional and career accountants over other professions and disciplines (Cuomo 29). By doing a degree in accounting, one is exempted from other professional examinations that can be quite stressful as time goes by.

A career in accounting enables individuals to taste what they like to do over other professions and disciplines. In this case, an individual can develop a good feeling over the subject that they love. This means that we all have a feel and love for a specific subject and this is undeniable. The quantitative skills that one can gain as a career accountant are highly priced and this is something that needs to be looked at and evaluated. It has been augmented that accounting is one of the best careers today and this is undeniable. We all agree that every organization needs to account for its funds and expenditure (Elliot 13).

This therefore tells us something that accounting is a demanding job. It offers individuals a lot of opportunities that can be taken advantage of as time goes by. In this case, various opportunities will always present themselves as we go on with life. As far as accounting as a profession is concerned, various choices are readily available to us. In this case, we can easily choose from the available options.

There are a lot of benefits that an individual can get and benefit by becoming and choosing to be a career accountant. Accountants learn more about the inner workings of an organization and that is why it has always been a good profession and career. All in all, those who chose on accounting as a career and profession can gain the relevant work experience as time goes. This therefore prepares them for any task that might be demanding in future (Michel 29).

There is an argument that by being an accountant, you can learn how to organize yourself and manage your own business. This is based on the fact that most entrepreneurs started as career accountants’ before they chose to go entrepreneurial. In this case, the knowledge that an individual gains can be very helpful in future and this is a fact. This therefore tells us something that accounting is a very important career in our lives.

Just like other professions and disciplines, accounting requires some sort of skills to be successful. On the other hand, some specific skills are needed in accounting than other professions. Accounting does not require a lot of initiative and that is why it might be a self pressure work and job. In this case, we are not saying that accounting is much easier than other jobs but it is somehow different.

This aspect of being different therefore separates it from other professions that we might be interested in. All in all, an individual does not require specific skills to be a successful professional accountant and this is very commendable (Michel 24). This means that accounting as a career can be learned and developed as time goes by. People who want to be successful as career accountants should give it a chance.

Accounting as a profession and career attracts a huge salary. Although this can not be attained in the first year, one needs to be patient. In this case, as a career accountant, an individual should be dedicated to his work. Because accounting is a wide field, it has been evolving and that is why individuals need to be up to date with what is going on. Such an option can be to further your studies or attend various seminars that can build your career as an accountant.

Accounting is a career of choice because it takes a very short time for an individual to receive accreditation. This is in comparison to other careers that can end up taking a lot of time. Accounting has been becoming popular as time goes by and this has endeared it to a lot of people who had reservations about it. It should be known that one can never run out of jobs as a career accountant and this should good music to people’s ears (Cuomo 15).


Accounting is a good career just like any other professions and careers. Those who want to make it as career accountants should not shy away because of any underlying reasons but they should rather give it a good mentality. Competition is high as far as accounting is concerned but this is expected in any field. There are specific job duties that might vary as far as accounting is concerned. Accountants work in a normal and typical office setting and this does not make it a different job.

There are good career goals that can enable one to be a successful accountant and this should be evaluated (Cuomo 34). It is good to gain experience as time goes by to become a successful career accountant. All in all, an individual should attend courses and seminars to update him on current happenings and developments in the field of accounting. After all this, we can wholesomely say that although an accounting career can be very stressful, it is still interesting.

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