Alcohol Manufacturing Companies and Their Ethical Duties Fulfillment

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It would be a blanket accusation if say that all alcohol manufacturing companies fail in their ethical duty to be informative and be faithful in advertising. However, it would be an overstatement to say that alcohol companies satisfy this requirement. Because of the price wars that are evident in the alcohol industry, some alcoholic beverage manufacturers, in their resolve to maximize profits, undertake to engage in unethical practices like mass advertising using the traditional advertising media and other emerging media.

This only serves to lure the youth into alcoholism especially when these ads appear on social networking sites and television channels they frequently use. Some of the advertisements used by these companies are so manipulative and therefore very difficult to resist. Even though some existing laws and regulations are supposed to check on alcohol advertising, some alcohol manufacturing companies have still insisted on using the word strength on alcohol containers to show the strength of alcoholic content they are manufacturing. Some still use deceptive and unfair marketing claims that only serve to mislead the consumers of these beverages. Although alcohol advertising was banned during primetime hours, such as when families have gathered for news, some alcoholic beverage manufacturers still manage to flout these regulations.

The law is very clear on advertisements that are supposed to be erected near school installations but alcoholic beverage manufacturers still manage to erect advertisements near school facilities only implying that they are trying to encourage underage drinking, which is unlawful. Some alcoholic beverage manufacturers continue to target publications that are widely read by the youth even though this is illegal and unethical. Playgrounds frequented by youths have also not been left out by this cadre of errant alcoholic beverage manufacturers. Some of these companies still make use of advertisements that appeal to the youth, promote and sponsor spring break events, and set up sham regulatory codes.

Moreover, they distribute promotional materials and use cartons that strictly target the youth. Other firms still use public utilities to advertise their alcoholic beverages which is ethically unacceptable. The aggressive manner in which alcoholic beverage manufacturers do their advertisement with the youth being their principal target clearly shows they are not very keen on fulfilling their ethical duties and are only bent on maximizing their profit by recruiting more youth into underage drinking.