Analysis of Jim’s Annual Review

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Employees play a significant role in ensuring the success and normal functioning of business activities. Discipline factors, such as time-keeping and work quality, are among the highly valued behaviors, to avoid interruptions and inconsistent business practices. The management of an organization is responsible for monitoring, controlling, and motivating workers as they perform and attend to their duties. Employee evaluations are strategically done to assess the performance and contribution of laborers towards the achievement of business goals and objectives. Jim is a colleague at my workplace, and he is undergoing an annual review. Lately, he has become coming to work late, thus affecting individual and organizational activities. This essay is my expression of how I will approach Jim, regarding the importance of arriving early, for better performance.

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My aim for engaging in a conversation with Jim is to encourage him and make him feel recognized by the company. I will start by analyzing his performance for the past nine months, where he contributed to the success of production processes. Jim should realize that he is a significant figure and should be always present when performing major procedures. I will remind him of incidences when he arrived early for work and assisted other employees in confusing situations due to his experience. Among his duties and responsibilities, I will pick the best-performed obligations while congratulating him for a well done job. Upon revising the past, I will directly introduce the recent inconveniences he has caused due to arriving late for work, leading to a loss of productive time (Yagil, 1). I will connect the past and the recent incidences to express the turn-around of events. The previous achievements have been outset by his late-coming, resulting in delayed production processes.

The company’s total output capacity has decreased in the recent past, due to the disorganization of the production department. Employee shifts have been distracted by the rotation caused by the make-shifts, which are used to cover absent workers. The production process is nowadays taking longer than usual since employees cannot anticipate what is expected from them. Professionals have been exchanging roles as they cover up Jim’s absence, resulting in poor production quality. The reason for mentioning all the distractions caused by Jim is to attract his realization that he is important, and the business relies on his efforts. To make him feel better, I will intervene by offering servant leadership for better employee outcomes (Yagil, 1). I will speculate an increase in both individual and business performances if Jim could show a little seriousness. Through Jim’s perfection in production processes, the company brand has been categorized among the top qualities in the country.

In conclusion, Jim is a super-effective team player, especially in the production process. Despite an outstanding performance in the last nine months, Jim has started to show reluctance in job attendance, and he is causing gradual impacts on quality and output. The production quality and quantity figures have decreased due to interruptions in the production department, and Jim is one of the causes. Lateness results in delayed start of processes, hurry in performing duties, and lack of focus due to poor preparation practices before the start of activities. Jim must realize that the organization counts on him to deliver timely and quality work. Professionalism and experience go hand in hand, and Jim can use them to raise back the production and quality output. Time-keeping is a key factor to ensure individual and business success.


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