Apple Company’s Aesthetics Marketing

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Apple Inc. is a recognized global corporation that designs and produces commercial servers and electronics such as computers, mobile phones, and software. It is also the leading distributor of digital media content. In terms of market capitalization, Apple Inc is the most valuable company, and this is a result of their strong marketing capability. For more than three decades, Apple Inc has had to evolve in order to be a great marketer. This paper explains how Apple has uses target marketing and how it has positioned itself to devise a business model that creates customer value. The analysis includes an explanation on how its slogan aligns with different marketing concepts.

Amazingly, Apple uses a superior marketing philosophy called targeted marketing for thirty years, which is the core of its effectiveness in profiting from creating customer loyalty. First, Apple values empathy of its customers as it seeks to understand them while meeting their needs. The company has gone to an extent of hiring empathetic employees who are customer obsessed. Apple had to think about deeply committing its employees to change the customer experience. Apple Inc collects consumer information by spending a huge chunk of money on observing the customers using companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Apple technologies.

Apple Inc has positioned itself in the market by endorsing an approach that revolves on a narrow range of products and the offers in each product. Apple has integrated the customer experience in the creation of its products, and this is the result of the company’s iterative consumer involvement. This has enabled Apple to create a new niche of young and profitable customers while retaining the loyal consumers who watched the company grow.

How does the slogan “Take a bite of the future” merge with different marketing concepts adopted by Apple Inc?

  • Apple has to segment the markets by application because each consumer niche that uses its products does it differently. Being a technology company, Apple needs to introduce new and incredible technology constantly for its different product lines to keep the consumers excited.
  • Apple has a product dominant approach to marketing where it offer its customers differentiated, superior, and new technologies. Moreover, the company has been able to provide insights to the consumers about new and trending technology and the way they ought to interact with it. These insights are important as illustrated by Henry Ford’s quote: ‘If I had asked people what you wanted, you would have said faster horses.’ This is a clear illustration that we are limited to what we know as opposed to what is possible. Therefore, Apple engineers are tasked with innovating distilled products to its elemental purposes and then designing them to be interesting and simple.
  • Apple has had to position and differentiate itself from other competitors by building compatible experiences. According to market research done by Apple, several consumers yearn for devices that enable it to tap into the entertainment environment. Apple’s effort in the improvement of both the digital and entertainment hubs to improve compatibility in the system, for instance, development of the iPod and iPad, is making this possible.

Conclusively, Apple has adopted a unique and provocative way of marketing its aesthetics. Therefore, it is for this reason that the company is at the forefront in bringing the future to the present. We will all have to work with the extraordinary advances of technology in the future; Apple Inc is just giving us a taste.