Background Checks Investigation When Hiring Applicants

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Background checks must be done to avoid negligent hiring. It is the candidates’ right to know that every candidate receives background checks. This procedure is important to ensure that what the applicant promised in his/her resume is what the company should expect. If a company fails to do a proper background check and doesn’t follow hiring guidelines, the employer may face a lawsuit. An example of negligent hiring would be if the company hired someone of violence, without realizing it, because a background check or criminal history records were not completed, and they then injured another employee.

The injured employee could sue the employer for negligent hiring. A company can use sources like Google and social networking sites to find out more information on the candidate. This is a good approach because many people nowadays post their current activities on the Internet. Social sites like Facebook and Twitter can tell more about how a person feels about the job or any other thing that might be of importance to the company. When using Google methods to search for a candidate, it is important to have the correct person.

Many people have the same name; applicants should not be rejected based on erroneous information. Also, it is important to be careful not to discriminate when using these searches if a picture of an individual in a wheelchair is found or notice their race, age, or gender. Using the Internet in conjunction with a background check can provide valuable information, but it is important to be professional and use legality when using this method.

Another background check involves consulting the colleges, people, or institutions mentioned in the resume. A resume may not reflect what the applicant is before confirming the prescribed educational background and recommendations. Some people engage in generating fake certificates. Thus, it is important to link up with the training institutions and colleges mentioned in the applications before accepting the candidate. It is also important to consult former employers to acquire more information regarding the applicant’s work performance.

Checking credit card history is also important in ensuring that the person being employed has a good financial history. Being in debt means that the applicant may not fit well in an organization due to a lack of controlled responsibility. Another important check is concerned with ensuring that the applicant is healthy through blood checks and screening. Therefore, if the company follows all legal hiring guidelines, it should comply with all hiring laws and be protected against any possible lawsuits.