Behavior and Leadership in Global Organizations


As the company decides to restructure and expand its operations, I would like to be a manager in one of the departments of the company. Leaders and business managers should possess the best skills and leadership styles to promote performance. The leadership applied in the company determines how the employees are motivated to work for the success of the business. Different theories on leadership offer useful insights and revelations about leadership (Robbins & Judge, 2011). My roles in the company will be to motivate the employees, provide them with the best incentives, lead them, and promote an effective organizational culture. The roles will be relevant in the organizations because I will offer the most benefit to the company.

Main Body

The leadership style model I will apply in the organization is the horizontal structure. According to leadership theories, the kind of leadership adopted in a business organization will determine the success of the business. The leadership style determines who employees are motivated and provided with training, mentoring, and skills. Different models of leadership have their own disadvantages and advantages. It is therefore important that the leaders in an organization use the best model that suits the business to promote functionality and performance (Yukl, 2010). As the organization intends to expand and restructure its business, I will make sure I have applied a new leadership style that will improve profitability through employee motivation.

In the organization, I believe that the horizontal organizational structure will be the best leadership style that best fits the business. As a leader in the company, I will offer the required feedback, decisions, and opportunities to the employees such that they have the chance to be involved in the process. The employees in the business have different skills and expertise that can be of value to the company. It will be time to give the employees the opportunity to make decisions, mentor them, and involve them in the operations of the company (Robbins & Judge, 2011). According to leadership theories, a motivated and engaged employee is the trick to improve profitability in a company. Personally, I believe that every person has the potential and ability to offer the best ideas and decisions that will promote the performance of a business.

After learning much about different models of leadership, I believe a horizontal approach will improve the profitability of the company. This approach is important because it will benefit the organization by motivating the employees and mentoring them. According to different leadership theories, a leader should mentor, lead, train, and motivate the workers. As suggested by the leadership model, I will embrace the relevance of teamwork in the company (Yukl, 2010). When the employees are working as a team, they offer synergistic support to each other and can solve the challenges affecting them. The leadership will make the company successful thus leading to its profitability.

After assuming the role of a leader in the company, I will use the horizontal form of leadership because it promotes understanding and performance. The approach treats leadership as a complete system with different individuals and ideas working together to determine what appears right. The leadership model makes the exchange of information and ideas easier in the company (Yukl, 2010). The approach will help to solve any challenges and problems identified in the company. The creation of teams in the company will improve the level of performance because the workers will be working together. The leadership structure improves the networking of information. This will make every person in the company is aware of the vision of the business. It is the duty of the employees, the management, and the stakeholders to make sure the business implements its vision.

As the manager, I will use horizontal leadership because it the most effective for companies with a large number of workers. As the company plans to expand and restructure its kind of business, I will change the kind of leadership applied in the company for many years. This will motivate the employees and provide them with the best skills and incentives to improve their activity level in the organization. The only disadvantage of this form of leadership is that it might result in laxity (Yukl, 2010). However, I will have a proper Human Resource in place to ensure the workers are motivated and monitored in the company. The approach will definitely make the employees active and careful about the mission and vision of the business.


Leaders should use the best style that values people and gives them a chance to apply their skills in the working environment. Vertical structure results in a hierarchical leadership and it might not be effective for different organizations. For a profit-making business, it is important to avoid the vertical structure of leadership because it does not value the input of the other people. As discussed in the paper, the use of horizontal leadership empowers the employees in the company thus making it possible to achieve the intended goals (Robbins & Judge, 2011). As the company plans to restructure itself, I will promote the best leadership styles to improve the productivity and engagement of the employees. The approach will make the organization successful and improve its profitability levels.


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