Briefing for Restaurant Employees

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In this training, the staff will be provided with basic instructions on how to behave in order to meet the calling and status of our family restaurant. The Country Cookin is more than just a cafeteria where one can get their fill, as all of the employees perceive their work as much more. Restaurant employees need to understand that they create pleasant experiences and unforgettable memories, and keep this moral in mind whenever they start work. Awareness of the importance of carrying warm impressions is a necessary psychological attitude of restaurant employees at any level of communication with customers.

An employee should first of all look to inspire confidence in the client, making the client feel comfortable. A homely feel is important to a restaurant, and in an ideal home, the hosts should appear clean and welcoming. A waiter’s slovenly look and his gloomy expression can leave a long and unpleasant aftertaste for the client (Restaurant Training Video, 2013). This feeling of the client’s frustration cannot be removed by even the most delicious dish.

In addition to communicating with the client, Country Cookin employees also need to be able to communicate with each other. Working in a team is a fundamental skill for any employee in the restaurant industry, as well-coordinated collaboration saves a large amount of time and energy. Being a staff in a restaurant is a multi-tasking job that can be made enjoyable only if all employees are equally interested in its quality performance. The ability to lend a shoulder to a colleague in difficult times is the key to successful cooperation, which will also bring deep pleasure to the client and the employees themselves.

The training program for the preparation of employees will include work with coaches specializing in the psychology of live communication. Employees will empirically gain experience by solving hypothetical and practical situations in the daily life of the restaurant. Program managers remember that working in a restaurant is a positive experience for everyone around them, so the training is carried out in the most polite and sympathetic manner. An educational video on the restaurant’s code of conduct will provide a basic understanding of our ethics and philosophy. It is necessary to make sure that future employees feel at ease and comfortable within the friendly ecosystem of the restaurant.


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