Business Organizations Policies and Procedures

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It can be said that business organizations’ policies and procedures are those rules and standards that support the internal and external hierarchy of companies. Established business organizations’ policies help organizations comply with laws and regulations and provide future employees with a clear picture of what the work process and career opportunities are. Policies and procedures also perform the function of instructions for the management in terms of how to behave with staff and higher-ranking employees and what practices are allowed, and what is prohibited. Business organizations’ procedures ensure workplace safety, productivity and enable employees and management to avoid workflow disturbances. It is also worth noting that the established policies and procedures allow business organizations to protect themselves from employees’ justified and unfounded legal claims.

Employees should be aware of the organization’s policies and procedures for several reasons. One of the most important of them is that knowledge allows employees to establish communication and cooperation within the collective. Knowledge of policies and procedures also enables colleagues to avoid conflicts in the workplace. Another noteworthy mention is that employees become aware of when the law is on their side. Knowledge of business organizations’ procedures increases employees’ productivity in the workplace and reduces the time spent on training and coaching. The policies and procedures are also a guide for employees on where to go for help. They also establish what company property each category of employees is allowed to use in the workplace. Policies and procedures also describe the company’s relationship with institutions such as health care and trade unions.