Businesses Influence on a Human Life and Government Control

Subject: Impact of Business Issues
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Businesses indeed have a role in putting a value on human life. It is from businesses that people make a living, we buy our commodities, where we exercise a trade, the economy of the country is generated, find the information we require, among others. A human being is not able to live without business. When food is harvested from the farms, part of it is used in the homes; the other part is sold to the local person and the other exported to other countries. This way the government generates income and the farmer too.

The business should neither take the lead from government agencies nor an individual’s own spending preference. They should not interfere with people’s preferences; people can decide what they need at whatever time. A businessman should not be seen to dictate to the consumers.

The business should ultimately be controlled by the government to protect the consumers from exploitation. They should not be left to run themselves, just like any other organization that needs regulation to perform better. The government agencies perform different tasks in regulating the businesses. For instance, if the business involves information dissemination to the public, they will make sure that it is more accessible, relevant, and understandable to the wide range of users who may require the information. The government agencies can also advise local enterprises on how to make their businesses more sustainable.

They use indicators to measure the health and the state of the environment and to assess trends. These indicators look at the quality of air, land, and water and the impacts these have on wildlife and habitats. Our choice of lifestyle and the development planned for the southeast will have an impact on water resources, waste, road traffic, and energy use within the region.

The government regulates rates, pricing, tax policy, competitive policy, among others. This sets the boundaries through which innovators can design business models.

The introduction of e-government has also benefited the business sector. It has enabled citizens to access Government services and information as efficiently and as effectively as possible through the use of the internet and other channels of communication. It has improved competitiveness by providing timely information and delivery of government services; reduced transaction costs for governments, citizens, and the private sector through the provision of products and services electronically; and provided a forum for citizens’ participation in Government activities.

Businesses require to be licensed. It is the work of the licensing agent to make sure that all businesses are licensed and inspected every so often. The government should always be on the lookout so that only legal businesses operate, protects the consumer from exploitation, fluctuation, among others. For example, the fuel price problem experienced in the country. Without government intervention, consumers would be solely at the mercies of the oil companies.