Canadian Human Resource Management

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  • Objectives of human resource – One of the main objectives of human resource management is to ensure that the employees’ potentials in an organization are utilized effectively. They also ensure that the workforce is matched with the needs of the business. They also ensure that the employees who are in an organization are cost-effective. This means that their pay rates should be competitive but not excessive. This also implies that there is minimal staff turnover (Schwind, Das, & Wagar, 2010).
  • Importance of job analysis information for human resource managers – this is the process by which human resource managers identify the contents of a job in terms of its activities and uses them to identify the job requirements. This is important in helping the company to determine which individuals would best fit that specific job description. This information is also important for the organization when considering training, classification or compensation of the employees.
  • Factors that cause changes in demand for human resource ­– human resource may require recruiting other employees if the organization has run short of employees and requires increasing the number. This might be due to the fact that other employees have quit or are not present for any other related reason. Recruitment may also be necessary when there is an additional job description that was previously not available. This provides human resource with the opportunity to try to increase numbers of employees.
  • Employment equity – this is the process by which employment is made based on equality and fairness as much as possible. This means that it improves the general service delivery. The advantage of employment equity programs is that it helps an organization to recognize the abilities of all types of individuals including both males and females, the disabled and other visible minorities that tend to be discriminated against. One disadvantage of the employment equity programs is that the members of the group might have higher expectations about being recruited. However, this is only the case in the event that the best person that fits that job description is from the group.
  • Constraints facing recruiters – one of the problems faced by recruiters is the fact that clients may be difficult to please. This is when looking for qualified candidates to fill the required positions. Some may also not follow through the preparation process required for the candidates. Another problem may be laziness of the recruiters who are not self-motivated.
  • The benefit of making a correct hiring decision – making good hiring decisions is beneficial to the organization since it will be able to reap what it had sown. This means that the employee will help the company to regain what it had put into the recruitment process. Poor hiring decisions, on the other hand, may be very costly to the company. The company may lose three times as much as the annual compensation package of the worker. These costs include the costs of advertising, cost in form of employee referrals, relocation and other related costs.
  • Career planning by human resource – human resource usually helps the employees to achieve a better match between the opportunities that are available in the organization and the goals of the individual. This means that it does not always talk of unrealistic career growth opportunities. This is because the organization may not have sufficient high-level positions to accommodate more staff to move up the ladder.
  • Characteristic of effective performance measurement – an effective performance management must be meaningful. This means that it should be related to organization’s goals and mission. It should also be organizationally acceptable. It should be customer focused. It should also be balanced and timely.


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