Change Management: Recommendations for Outdated Company


Organizations opt for a change of their operational strategies to improve the performances of their organizations.

Some of the changes that occur in organizations range from new business processes such as alliances to technological changes. For successful implementation of changes in an organization, the management should ensure that it determines the effect and extent of the change be implemented in the organization. That is, the management should be aware of how much the changes would affect the employees’ behavior patterns in their workplace. This is necessary because it will guide the management to develop an effective program to oversee the changes in the organization. The program developed should support the employees as they undergo the change process. It should be designed in a manner to reflect the involvement of the entire workforce to enable them to take the change process positively. The developed program should then be implemented and monitored and modified appropriately to enable it to integrate well with the origination working system. (Gerwin 2004,24)

According to Danielle 2002, 13, the strategic change process is vital in any organization. This is because the change can either build or break the organization and that is why the selected management team undertakes organizations’ changes. The team designs a program to administer the changes necessary in the organizations, and then communicates the organizations’ new vision change to the rest of the workforce. The management team also organizes the other workforce ready for the changes. This process is necessary because change management is faced with a lot of opposition. There is a lot of resistance from many workers in the organization which if not well managed can break the company. The leaders should therefore ensure they introduce organizational changes very strategically to avoid the workers developing bad attitudes towards the company, which can lower their performances (Danielle and Walker 2002, 17).

Outdated, Adversarial Company

The task that is ahead for me as the new manager of an outdated, adversarial Company is great. The vision that I have for an outdated, adversarial Company is to transform it from an outdated shrinking company to a modern company that will perform well both locally and internationally. The current performance of the company is very poor due to its failure to update its line of production to produce new products that will meet the changing customer’s demands. Therefore as the new manager, the first step in aligning the operations of the company to achieve its objective is to use the marketing department to identify the currents market demands in the company’s line of production and communicate this to the production department. The production department will then update the production of the company’s products to ally them to the current market demand. This will greatly boost performances of the outdated, adversarial to enable it to compete well with other companies producing similar products (Udell2006, 26).

The outdated, adversarial Company is noted for its poor internal and external communications. There is no effective communication among the various departments present in outdated, adversarial Companies such as marketing, human resource, administration, supply, and production departments. Its poor communication has greatly contributed to its poor performance. This deprived communication is brought about by the outdated, adversarial Company’s failure of being computerized. The methods of communications present for the company are the old methods such as wired telephones and the Internet. These methods have not been effective means of communication due to the high vandalism of these communication gadgets. Therefore the company needs an installation of a wireless network and connection to a wireless Internet to facilitate departmental communications and communications with their customers. The new network will also help the company to enhance their marketing by opening a company’s website that will help to advertise the company’s product through the internet and also allow online selling of their products. (Udell 2006, 26).

This will help to promote the outdated, adversarial Company from its outdated operation methods to a modern company that is well computerized and performing. Good and reliable communications within the company will be realized with the help of the wireless Internet. The various departments will communicate with each other using emails and chats. The company’s website will help the company increase its sale as it will allow online purchases from all over the world.


The outdated, adversarial Company by using the above recommendations will be transformed greatly. It will move from its quake status into a big and stable company that will excel very well locally and in the global market.


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