Cheesecake Factory Company Selection of Employees

About the website

After exploring the cheesecake website, it is evident that the company has an elaborate human resource plan that ensures the effective delivery of goods and services across all domains. There is a lot of emphasis on the recruitment and selection of employees. For example, the company has announced several restaurants that have been opened and require the additional workforce to be recruited. In addition, the firm has received several awards for accomplished product delivery and customer satisfaction in the industry. It is apparent that the website is being used for both marketing the company and seeking new employees who are welcomed to apply at any time.

Selection and recruitment

When it comes to the recruitment and selection of employees, the Cheesecake factory apparently employs a number of techniques in order to obtain the best and productive pool of workers. To begin with, it is vital to mention that there is an increased demand for effective and dynamic team of employees who are capable of increasing the prospects and life of a business entity. The process or method used to make employees work extremely important for a company that wants to attain the desired level of success (Liebowitz 52).

Besides, organizational objectives can be achieved only with the assistance of people. Hence, this explains the importance of being careful during the selection process.

The main objective of selection is to hire the best of the candidates, a process by which the human resource managers make the choice of the candidates having the required profile for the position.

In the case of the Cheesecake factory, several recruiting and section processes can be used. For example,

When done properly ensures high potential people for entry and quality in the organization, which is the goal of any company, for the human side of the company must provide consistency in policies and recruitment and selection practices. The alignment of human resources with the company’s strategy is very important because strategic planning is a powerful tool for building and consolidating an organization’s image (Scroggins, Thomas, and Morris 73). On the other hand, recruitment is the process of attracting candidates for a vacancy.

The Cheesecake factory can attain the latter by advertising and developing positive attributes of the available positions. In other words, the Cheesecake factory must announce the available vacancies publicly so that interested candidates can tender their applications. The latter is usually the initial phase of recruiting and selecting employees. The management of the facility may use various communication vehicles for disseminating the vacancy announcement. Eventually, it is the discretion of the company to include what should appear in the must appear under the details of the advertised positions.

Another selection method is through the use of internal notices for memos. This selection method can be particularly effective when the Cheesecake factory needs to promote some of its employees or create new positions as a result of decentralized departments. Other effective selection methods that this factory can use include

  • Announcement in newspapers and magazines
  • Description at site
  • Spontaneous receiving resumes
  • Use of traditional specialized agencies and virtual dissemination of advertised positions in learning institutions

Selection of persons

The selection process does not just end with placing an advertisement on different platforms. Selection refers to choosing the right employee for the right job placement. The selection process entails choosing candidates among those recruited. The selection process should be amply stocked with potential candidates through the process of recruitment. This process involves comparing the individual qualifications of candidates who have applied for a particular position and determining the candidate who meets the job requirements /

The Cheesecake factory should probably be screening candidates recruited in the first phase before passing them into the next selection stage. Screening candidates include and not limited to undertaking aptitude tests, assessing the general knowledge of the candidates, their degree of performance, and carrying out aptitude as well as psychological tests.

Interviewing candidates is one of the main procedures during the selection of applicants who have passed through the initial stages. Interviews assist in determining the qualifications, personal potential, and motivation of candidates for the advertised post. The Cheesecake factory can only achieve this process after analyzing candidates alongside their individual profiles, the selected. Those who excel and thereafter selected after this phase should gradually undergo a technical interview that elapses with supervisors, managers, or coordinators in charge of requesting area in order to conduct a thorough analysis of the candidate’s knowledge (Ullah 108).

The management at the Cheesecake factory cannot forego the interview process owing to the immense contribution to the larger selection process. Each selection technique should verify a particular aspect of a candidate’s personality. The test’s psychometrics should identify and evaluate aspects of personality and aptitudes. Experiential techniques often seek to evaluate how candidates react to situations that can be found in the desired position every day and also how each candidate relates with others. According to the time the interview process is administered, it can meet different objectives.

The Cheesecake factory may prefer to use as the first phase of the selection process because it is a viable technique that can present detailed information to the selection and recruiting teams. Although interviews serve more or less the same functions, the Cheesecake factory may opt for certain interviewing techniques in order to derive the best results. For example, a non-structured interview is a non-directed interview.

It is informal and gives greater openness to the candidate. In this type of interview, it is important to make the candidate feel free to express personal views. It is an opportunity to meet the individual person who has applied for a position. The interviewing panel at the Cheesecake factory may decide to make an outline of the topics to be addressed (Defa 3J). They are also supposed to demonstrate and empathy when gathering information from candidates. For instance, the interviewer can begin the interview process by asking general questions.

The company can also utilize a planned interview process during selection. This method is frequently used in the selection process. It allows the interviewer to better understand the candidate who has passed the pre-interview phase. This mode requires formulation of open questions that encourage the candidate to provide a detailed response based on personal skills. Closed questions that lead to “yes” or “no” answers should be avoided.

The Cheesecake factory can apply structured interviews owing to a number of advantages. For instance, it prevents the interviewer from forgetting to address important points, it facilitates the comparison between interviews of several candidates, and establishes a greater empathy and connection with the candidate.


When it comes to recruitment, the Cheesecake factory can use a large pool of candidates who have already passed the initial selection processes. It is extremely important for this process to be well planned and prepared owing to the large number of candidates who may be handled. This factory establishment can use various requirement techniques depending on the workplace needs at any given time. For instance, the board of the company may be allowed to finally recruit the best candidates or the process may be left to the heads of concerned departments.

In order for the management teams of this factory to achieve excellence in recruitment and selection, they should understand the real needs and how they can be supplied and the degree of shortage of human resources. Thereafter, they should take appropriate decisions (Paunescu and Popescu 39).

Within the process of recruitment and depending on the nature of this organization and HR management policies, three different recruitment methods may be adopted by the firm. These include internal, external and mixed methods.

The department of human resources may also account for the demand and needs and equally cover all organizational levels in terms of staffing.

Internal recruitment

A recruitment process is deemed to be internal when, with particular vacancy, a company seeks to fill it through relocation of its employees. Some employees can be promoted, transferred or transferred with promotion (diagonal movement) during this type of recruitment process. This process can only be valid if there is too much seriousness, competence and transparency throughout the procedure.

External recruitment

External recruitment is a technique of attracting new candidates from outside an organization (Bagley, Dalton and Ortegren 64). Therefore, Cheesecake factory can fill open positions or vacancies by allowing foreign applicants to apply. This firm may employ this recruitment style if there is need for new blood, additional experience, diversity and innovation at workplace.

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