Companies Conducting Sports Marketing Research

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The relation between sports and business is growing year by year. So also are the number of companies that provide market information and research about sports and business. Three such companies are discussed here. They are the American Sports Data Incorporated, Performance Research, and

American Sports Data Incorporated: Their area of research seems to be more in the field of fitness and health. Sports participation and sports injury are also areas of study. The company sells reports in the following areas, namely sports participation, ethnicity report, obesity, and weight control report, physical fitness behavioral trends in the US, lifestyle segmentation in the health club sector, consumer attitudes towards physical fitness, analysis of sports sector, the geography of sports participation, injury reports and research on personal trainers.

Performance Research: This company concentrates on the sponsorship of events. It provides relevant information to businesses who want to sponsor events and teams. This is also a paid service. The company offers research information as well as help find sponsors for teams and helps business to sponsor events and teams. The following types of research are conducted, namely telephone research, on-site and event research, using focus groups, research using the internet, research through observation, sponsoring of sports websites, an economic research offer for smaller companies called product in a box. This company is a combination of news and research. Research reports can be bought from the company. They offer two types of reports, namely intelligence reports and full report portfolios. Many sports are covered in these reports. A variety of subjects are also covered. They include event bidding, women’s sports, viewership of rugby in the UK, yacht racing, Formula 1 racing, etc.