Design Thinking as an Effective Toolkit for Innovation

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Design Thinking is a way of thinking that helps improve, modernize and find new creative business management processes. This concept is independent of the design discipline and offers opportunities in the process and additional tools. One of the characteristics of Design Thinking is using “abductive thinking,” which involves new perspectives and feelings. The second characteristic is applying visual images and visualizations through sketches. The third is the perception of mistakes as an integral component of the process. It also helps creators feel comfortable with vague or ambiguous tasks. The next characteristic includes focus on the person, his needs, and shared activities of designers and methods.

Furthermore, the researchers invented models for Design Thinking Process to facilitate the planning of goals, schedules, and activities. The first 3 I model stands for Inspiration, Ideation, and Implementation, and it describes the idea generation stage rather than the design process. The next HCD (Hear, Create Deliver) model covers the design approach and the three creative process spaces. The Hasso-Plattner Institute model includes six stages, and three of them are prototypes of model 3 I. The model is The Double Diamond or 4 D (Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver) is distinguished by the display of divergent and convergent stages of the process. The Service Design Thinking model differs in a process with interaction and not a finished product.

There are also tools for Design Thinking that fall into four categories: observing and refining tasks, generating ideas and experimenting, designing and developing, communicating and delivering. The author of the article also explains how to integrate Design Thinking into innovation processes. The person considers it a discipline in business and engineering courses, awareness-raising workshops, and creative coaching processes in companies. To conclude, the article informs about Design Thinking, its characteristics, and its tools.