Digital Marketing: Advantages and Use

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Since time does not stand still, companies strive to adapt their marketing strategy to their activities as quickly as possible. Undoubtedly, the joint integration of traditional marketing solutions and modern digital technologies will help the business be more successful (Moore, 2021). This is because people have begun to use gadgets and Internet capabilities actively. Consumers who often find advertising on the Internet or social networks are called digital customers (Kingsnorth, 2019). Still, digital marketing is more prevalent in modern times than the traditional marketing approach.

The first advantage of digital marketing is the low cost compared to traditional methods. Even with few financial resources, a company can afford to advertise on the Internet and get a significant conversion rate compared to advertising on television or billboards (Advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing, n.d.). This is undoubtedly the case, and many companies are currently choosing to favor Internet resources rather than for the sake of traditional methods. Moats (2020) claims that another advantage of digital marketing is easy to access since people interact with their gadgets all the time and can access the Internet at any time without hindrance. Today this is the case because many people use mobile phones and face a lot of advertising daily.

The third advantage is that users can show ads depending on their location (Smith & Zook, 2011). This is called geo-targeting, and by opening their phone, people will be able to see what places or shops are nearby and decide about visiting them. The fourth advantage of digital marketing is advertising on social networks that help businesses thrive and succeed (Chaffey & Smith, 2017). It can be concluded that digital marketing is one of the most effective ways of advertising in modern times.

Currently, many successful companies are deciding to use a combination of traditional methods and new digital marketing. Johnson (2021) states that each of the approaches has its advantages and disadvantages, and in this regard, none of the techniques can be excluded entirely. Coca-Cola uses a mixture of traditional methods and digital marketing. Advertising is actively shown on TV, billboards, and social networks. The company holds contests on the Internet, posts photos of users with bottles of drink, and interacts with customers. In addition, Apple combines both methods in its advertising; thereby, they are always insightful and work with people’s subconscious.

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