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Welcome to the most innovative car dealership company in the country. First and foremost, the most significant quality that needs to be experiencing permanent growth is to have a strong interconnection between innovativeness and thoroughly developed instruction compliance (Pongpearchan 53). Being employed in “DeltaDealer” means cementing ambitious goals with realistic boundaries. Thus, in this brief instruction, you will determine three general types of customers, understand the main principles of interaction with them, and rethink the fundamentals of our organizational culture.The first and the most frequent type of client is “businessman.” Such individuals do not usually have much time to choose the vehicle by passing through numerous car models and remembering important characteristics. The second personality type is “Family Man/Woman.” They are aimed to choose the appropriate vehicle with or without children, and it is your task to define it. Finally, the most conflictual but profitable customer is a holder of the special card “Dlux.” These are the customers who bought more than five lux segment vehicles so that they will insist on having the best possible service.

After correctly determining the personality type, you must adjust the appropriate instructions to the customer to gain the predicted service and positive emotions. Firstly, when interacting with “businessman” individuals, you should realize their priorities so that you might rapidly adjust the needed car type and the model series to your car choice (Pongpearchan 55). Generally, a “businessman” wants a specific car type to fit the expected size limits, and the purchase will be cost-effective. Thus, your main task is to “help” the customer find the appropriate set of similar cars with the needed size and price range.

Secondly, the “family person” is usually choosing the vehicle with the whole family. Thus, you should firstly define whether the individual is interested in passing all the time with children or not. If you determine that children are irritating the customer, you should conduct them to the appropriate zone while speaking with their parent/s on general topics (Pongpearchan 58). On the contrary, if children are the real decision-makers, you should integrate them in the whole process: demonstrating interesting car facilities and amusing facts, but keenly observing the security of the car and children.

The last type is represented by “Dlux” customers searching for exotic inspiration and impeccable service. When communicating with your client of responsibility, you should not provide much numerical data if it is not a worldwide record. You must attentively observe the client’s engagement in the process since if it is decreasing, you need to change your strategy and implement creativity combined with specifically settled limits: vehicle size, price, or color (Pongpearchan 57). When “Dlux” client hints that this car might be interesting for them, you must recommend them to take a “test-drive” and negotiate the predicted time of the car arrival.

Finally, you should realize that “innovative” is not just a word in our company. Our employees always provide the qualitative service, implement their own style to the operating process, but framing their possibilities with general requirements.

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