Discussion of Leadership Abilities

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Leadership skills are extremely valuable in the modern world, as they allow organizing effective teamwork. A person’s personal qualities, combined with special knowledge, help achieve a high level of influence. Within organizations, leadership is needed to create a shared vision, mission, and strategy which are supported by all employees. Such abilities assessment identifies strengths and areas which need development in order to achieve company goals.

It is possible to take a test aimed at assessing personal characteristics and skills of transformational leadership to determine the level of development of leadership skills and qualities. As a result, I got 66 points and was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities for improvement (“How good are your leadership skills?” n.d.). One of my advantages is a fairly well-developed leadership basis in the form of personal characteristics. I have a high level of self-confidence and a positive attitude, which is important for motivating other people. I also have a well-developed emotional intelligence, which is necessary for effective communication in a team.

Skills development is ongoing, which is a prerequisite for growth. Thus, the identified opportunities include the development of specific skills of transformational leadership. According to the test, I have excellent abilities to motivate and stimulate employees. However, the skills for planning the future and effective performance management are less well developed. Thus, areas for growth are the development of skills to influence and inspire people with a common goal, as well as the development of managerial abilities.

To improve my leadership skills, first of all, it is necessary to constantly expand my knowledge of the field in which the organization operates in order to support employees and be a role model. Additionally, it is important to improve analytical and strategic planning skills to articulate clear objectives for team members. It is also necessary to assess the skills and abilities of people in order to select interesting tasks for them in which they can be productive or grow. By constantly exercising in this direction, I can increase the level of emotional intelligence, which is critical for a leader.


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