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The long-term success of Dough Pizza as a business is expected to be based on those products and services on which its customers depend the most. For the restaurant, these include pizzas and delivery services. This means that any efforts of optimization should be based on the most reliable and high-quality products that Dough Pizza has perfected and is sure that they will continue bringing the desired level of success. Therefore, if to speak of ‘sacred cows’ pertinent to Dough Pizza’s business, they refer to the rarely questioned products and services that have been tested by time and do not receive any degree of opposition or criticism (Corredor, 2018). As the company initially focused on serving pizzas made from the highest-quality ingredients, its long-term success is considered to depend on this product, which is seen as Dough Pizza’s sacrosanct legacy. If for some reason, the quality decreases and the pizzas do not reach the standard set previously, there is a risk of losing customers that have been loyal to the restaurant.

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When considering the development of new products needed for pursuing new markets while maintaining availability, the focus on high quality and affordability should remain (ICAEW, 2015). Dough Pizza’s products have never been considered high-end; however, the quality has always been consistent. As mentioned in previous discussions, working with local winemakers can be of benefit to the company. This will diversify the range of their own products, spark the interest of customers, and establish a solid selection of products based on Italian cuisine traditions. Reaching effectiveness with the launch of a new product can be reached with the help of marketing, close collaboration with specialist wine producers, the testing of demand, and the establishment of affordable prices.

The introduction of wine as a new product has numerous benefits from the economies of scale perspective, both internal and external. For example, the process will allow the company itself to expand in operations, personnel, and product range. In the industry, the expansion will be linked to covering a new market segment that other companies like Dough Pizza have not captured. Lower long-run average costs represent another benefit for the company because the production of wine will require ahead investments.

The ability of Dough Pizza to maintain the focus on existing markets while entering new ones is based on the close connections between the products. Wine is a traditional part of Italian cuisine and complements pizza; however, the production of the two products requires different processes and approaches. In its marketing efforts, the company will communicate the fact that wine is the best ‘companion’ to pizza and that buying both from the same restaurant will guarantee a true Italian experience. Therefore, there are not many issues in maintaining the needed focus because the production of wine with the help of local wineries is intended to broaden the customer base while also enhancing the experience of already loyal clients.

The Scripture quote “trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight” (Prov. 3:5-6 (NIV)) applies to Dough Pizza’s plan perfectly as well as to business planning in general. Companies should often trust their ‘gut’ in order to plan their operations because statistics and research may not always bring the desired results. With the introduction of a new product, Dough Pizza trusts its vision and has the vision of the experience that it wants to provide to its customers.


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